All-Inclusive Ranch Vacations

Red Horse Mountain Ranch is open to guests from late May through early October.

During June, July, and August school is out and we are blessed with having families from all over the world join us for a grand dude ranch vacation week. Families stay with us for an entire week, arriving on Sunday and departing on Saturday. We recommend a full week since it takes a full week for the kids and adults to participate in all the activities the ranch offers. A beautifully crafted all-inclusive ranch vacation includes meals and drinks, evening entertainment, guided adventures, western accommodations, and all the other amenities the ranch has to offer! This time of year usually fills rather quick so you’ll want to start your planning early.

Late August through the beginning of October is reserved for our adult guests. With wonderful evening entertainment programs, wine and cocktails, good conversations, cozy western accommodations, fabulous dinners, and our full list of guided outdoor adventures, fall is a time when couples and singles have a chance to relax and enjoy Idaho at its best.