Prior to your Arrival

Recommended Items to Pack

Water. Activities at Red Horse Mountain Ranch are an exciting and fun way to spend a vacation. It’s important to stay well hydrated. We’ll take care of the little buckaroos while on a trail, but adults should come prepared with a water bottle or a hydration pack. Complimentary bottles will also be available.

Sunglasses and a Cowboy Hat. To shade and protect your eyes as well as protect you from any branches that might be on the trail while horseback riding. Hats are required to ride, at the very least a baseball cap is needed. Sunglasses are also great for the shooting activities. Kids 12 and younger will be wearing riding helmets that are provided.

Flashlight. It’s a good idea to have extra flashlights. Everyone has one on their phone these days, but we’re hoping you’ll completely forget it even exists. The Ranch keeps all exterior lights dimmed to let the millions of stars shine through at night, so walking back to the cabin after evening entertainment is lit low. A little LED flashlight you can throw in you’re pockets is a great idea.

Sunscreen, a bathing suit, a good book, extra clothing layers and/or a Jacket. The nights can be cool, but that will not stop us from providing you with our evening entertainment. A good fleece jacket is perfect most of the time. There is a pool and plenty of hot tubs. We’re at 2250′ so the sun doesn’t immediately get hot, but we’re typically very sunny from July through August.

Bicycle Shorts. Some folks like these to help cushion their backside for mountain biking and horseback riding. They really do help.

Slick Soled Boots. Not too many items are mandatory but slick soled riding boots are. We do provide a selection of good used boots at the Tack Barn if you prefer to use ours. We suggest that when you arrive on Sunday, to head down to the tack barn and get yourself a pair of boots. The slick soles and slip off styles are for your protection.

Water Shoes. There are so many water based activities at Red Horse Mountain Ranch, we’re throwing this one up on the gear list. Water shoes that have a snug fit are the best, something that you can also use for small hikes. You’ll need the water shoes for the MEGA Zipline, kayaking, fishing trips, playing around the pond or creek, and just having fun while not on a horse. Our previous guests wanted to make sure we tell you flip flops don’t work at all. Great for kicking around the lodge. Not so great for the activities.

Helmets. We highly recommend you wear protective gear while participating in the Mountain biking, Bike Tours, and the Challenge course; in these activities it is mandatory. Helmets are actually very hip with the kids. We will provide helmets to anyone. We also have horseback riding helmets, which are required for the kids age 3 through 12. For those whom are older, you can opt to not wear a helmet during the horseback riding. More and more adults are wearing the helmets every year, especially on the advanced horseback riding and we love it!

Bring a few pairs of jeans with you for the horseback riding. Also, bring summer clothing. It’s usually perfect to keep you casual, cool, and comfortable.

Please remember we do have laundry services, so if you need to pack light, that will be just fine. We’ll do one complimentary load of laundry your family during the week, and if you need more, we can do that for a little extra charge. Our staff will be happy to take care of your needs.

Does the Ranch have a Dress Code?

We have no dress code, we want everyone to be comfortable during their stay here at the Ranch. We see everything from shorts and jeans to dress pants and cocktail dresses at dinner. The night of the 5 course wine dinner is usually more formal, but it is totally your choice to dress comfortably. At this meal we see many pairs of nice jeans matched with a favorite shirt and this might be the one evening that women of the group choose to bring out a dress. The children are well taken care of this evening and are encouraged to dress casual and bring a sweatshirt for when the sun dips behind the mountains as they are enjoying their own meal around the campfire.

Cocktail hour and BYO

Each day between 5 & 6 pm, a cocktail hour is scheduled which includes a selection of house wines, beer on tap, and a selection of hard liquor. The cocktail hour is included in your rate if you’re over the age of 21. After the cocktail hour, only premium wines have a charge. A selection will also be made available during each evening at the evening entertainment programs, and any purchases will simply be added to your bill. If you would like to bring alcohol beverages, you may do so. A $1 cork fee is charged if you bring wine to dinner. State laws do not allow personal beverages to be brought to evening activities. The main lodge bar will be available at lunch, but if you will be taking advantage of any afternoon guided adventures, we ask that you keep it to 1 beverage.

Do we need to reserve fly fishing trips ahead of time, or can we just sign up when we get there?

If you know that you definitely want to participate in this trip, it is best to let us know in advance. We highly recommend contacting the ranch and finding out more information. Once scheduled you will be charge for the trip if canceled with less then 48 hours notice. What works best for families, or large groups, is to decide on the fly fishing trips after you have had a chance to review the ranch schedule. These trips can also be arranged prior or after your ranch vacation if you have extra time in the region. More information about the trips are also available on our website.

Do we need to bring any equipment for any of the guided adventures?

Besides the hat, boots, and clothing suggestions, no. All of the equipment for the activities is provided and available. However, if you would like to bring your own fishing rods, etc., you may do so. We recommend if you have any questions to give the ranch a call and to talk with one of the adventure guides or Cory.

We will be driving to the Ranch, do you have any suggestions?

Just be careful if you are using a GPS system or mapping your route to the ranch on the internet before traveling. Stay away from roads that are not main highways, except for Blue Lake Road near the ranch. Most of the online mapping systems and GPS navigational systems will take you onto National Forest roads which may not be open and passable. Maps and information on the best routes are available on our website at

If you can, leave yourself some extra time too! There are hiking trails and other things to see on your way into the ranch. Our first scheduled item on the ranch is not until 5 pm so take you’re time and see some of the beauty North Idaho has to offer!

Weekly Ranch Schedules

Each day at the Ranch, there is a menu of guided adventures available. You’ll have the opportunity to do everything on the ranch. The schedule also includes evening entertainment, meal times, and other happenings on the ranch. The schedule is located in the main lodge for all the guests to sign up for guided adventures whenever they would like.

Sunday Arrivals

Arrival check-ins are between 2 pm and 5pm on Sundays. When you arrive, you’ll be given a tour around the main lodge and settled into your suite. Cocktail hour will start at 5 pm, and dinner will begin at 6pm. To find out more, stop by the Trading Post. Evening entertainment will begin at 7:30 pm.

Weather and what to expect

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is known for its mild temperatures, but we are still in Idaho at the base of the Rocky Mountain Range. We recommend coming prepared for temperature and weather fluctuations. If you have any questions, please contact the ranch for current weather patterns. We’ve also installed a weather station that has been up for over a year and does provide historic as well as the current forecast approximately 10 days out.


Your Accommodations

Each suite has many items to keep you comfortable during your stay such as microwaves, coffee makers, and a refrigerator. Private baths with ample towels and bath amenities (shampoo, body gels, conditioner, hair dryer) are also supplied. Bedding is european with down comforters and numerous pillows to keep you warm and cozy.

Towels are also available at the heated swimming pool and hot tubs. Additional toiletries are available for purchase at the Trading Post. Beverages (juices, pop, water, ice tea, coffee, and hot teas) are available in the main lodge and a snack bar is available 24 hours a day in the main dining area. Past guests have also brought in additional beverages and snacks to be kept in their cabins. A small cork fee is charged should you want to bring your own wine to the dining room.

Long distance phone calls can be made while at the ranch for no additional costs from two phones located in the main lodge and near the swimming pool. A wireless internet service is available for all guests in the main lodge. If you have incoming calls while at the ranch, the Trading Post will be happy to take a message for you and have it delivered to you as soon as possible. Faxes can also be sent to you while you are at the ranch via (208) 689-9686.