Summer Jobs at Red Horse Mountain Ranch

Employment at the Ranch

Red Horse Mountain Ranch has a strong commitment to excellence for our guests. We strive to provide the most amazing vacations and create for our guests memories of a lifetime. That's where you come in! Our team members so often are the reason guests leave here feeling they had the vacation of a lifetime. 

The ranch seasonal employees spend the entire summer on the ranch. It’s so much more than just a spending a week here and it’s more than just a summer job. It’s a the total Red Horse experience and one you’ll never forget! Years from now you’ll still be in contact with the many friends you’ll make this coming summer. 

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for individuals who want a working experience, not just a job. We’re looking for individuals with self starter attitudes, who know the value of being a strong member of a team and who enjoy hospitality and care. We’re looking for those with experience and enjoy teaching, and those who have a heart for hospitality (even if they may need some training). Our team members must have a positive attitude, flexible midnset, and have the expectation to help in any area of the ranch operations. Of course, a love for the outdoors is also a must. 

Housing & Meals

Generally, seasonal employees will live on the ranch in our employee housing much like a co-ed dorm. Each employee will have a roommate. There is a large common area with separate men’s and lady’s bathrooms. Meals are provided during your work days, approximately 5 days per week. The chef’s will make your breakfast to order, lunch is usually a buffet and served with a salad bar, and dinners are also buffet with at least two proteins. Staff who have food allergies should make sure to let us no prior to accepting a position, but it should not be an issue. We cater to all food preferences including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free or anyting else you can imagine. 

Work Days & Days Off

Each position on the ranch has its own requirements. Depending on your position, you should expect to work 5 days each week and anywhere between 40-50 hours per week. As a general rule, the ranch management attempts to make sure every team member has 2 days off a week, but we can’t always guarantee. Staff who are wanting to make extra income can usually pick up extra shifts. There is always work to be done! We highly recommend telling you’re interviewer if you’d be interested in additional work. 

The ranch attempts to be as flexible as possible, but additional time off during the summer, other than the usual scheduled off days, is rare. We staff conservatively to allow our pay to be as good as possible.  

Pay and Incentives 

After you’ve been offered a position, you’ll receive a letter from the ranch manager with your pay rate and explaining more about living and working on the ranch. The letter will also detail your proposed end of season bonus that we provide as an incentive to finish the entire guest season. We highly recommend you take time to read through the letter and make sure you understand everything. If you have any questions, this is the time to call the ranch and get answers.  

Uniforms & What you’ll need

In most cases, some part of your uniform will be provided but each job has certain requirements that employees will have to come with. Most often this would include slick soled boots, jeans, water shoes, and typical summer clothing. You’ll be provided a list. We also suggest you bring items to help you enjoy you’re outdoor pursuits. Many times during the summer, the staff usually visit nearby places to go fishing, float rivers, camp, hike, climb, or take advantage of what Idaho has to offer. 

As for some large equipment you may need/want to bring, please make sure to discuss with the ranch manager prior to arriving. You’d think on 560 acres in Idaho there would lots of space, but the employees area can get congested with such a large number of staff. As a general rule, we’d prefer motorized equipment like ATVs or motorcycles be left home, mainly because we’re in a non-motorized area. Bikes, kayaks, and other crafts should be cleared before arriving. We just want to make sure there’s room. 

Start / end dates 

All positions start in early May during our staff training period. You’ll be given detailed training and a couple of weeks to learn your job, then have a chance prior to our season start to enjoy many outdoor opportunities. This is your chance to learn about who you’ll be spending the summer with and get comfortable. 

The hiring process

The ranch begins posting it’s jobs as early as November prior to the next season. If you’re application meets exactly what we’re looking for, we may immediately begin the interview process. In other words, the earlier you apply the better. The ranch prefers to have our positions filled no later than the end of March for the summer season. Typically, the ranch collects applications through the winter and will start interviews around the beginning of February.