Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch: A Unique Environmental Experience

Cory Inouye Ranch News

While there are many dude ranches around the country, RHMR offers guests a chance to take a break from the busyness of society by spending time out in the wilderness! It is always important for families and loved ones, especially children, to experience the outdoors away from video games and laptops. Technology is something that can keep people from really enjoying a vacation, and here at Red Horse it is something that allows our guests to be out in nature and focus on being with their families or significant other. Many people are surprised to see that we have no cell phone service! Although it is possible to catch a text or two up at our 63-foot rock-climbing wall, you can plan on taking a break from the obligation of your cell phone, and this is one of the many satisfying aspects of venturing down a new path! While our cell service may be limited, make sure to check out our amenities to learn what else we have to offer.

DSC01739Environmental tourism as well as Agritourism are on the rise, and Red Horse Mountain Ranch is an excellent location for those looking for perhaps something more meaningful than the traditional family vacation! Here at Red Horse we greatly appreciate our guests that come here to explore northern Idaho and recognize the value of nature away from the city. Previously Hidden Creek Ranch, Red Horse was founded on environmental principles and conservation, and for years we have upheld this philosophy. By cooperating with the BLM and the National Forest Service, the beauty of our valley and the surrounding mountains has remained for future generations!

In our cabins you can find environmentally friendly soap, shampoo, and lotion dispensers that eliminate a large amount of plastic use from disposable bottles. Our kitchen is outfitted with Enviro-Solutions dishwashing


equipment, a necessity as 50 guests and 30+ staff run through quite a bit of dishes! It has also received the 2012 Award of Excellence from The Panhandle Health District Environmental Health Division, and putting an importance on public health always coincides with the health of our environment. Unfinished food is composted onsite (the bears tend to enjoy this as well!), and garbage materials are separated and recycled. Not only do we compost and recycle, but all horse pens are picked and manure is transported and spread out into our several beautiful pastures, eliminating the need to bring extra fertilizer for the grass that feeds our herd!

DSCF5491Red Horse Mountain Ranch is a traditionally rustic, yet classy way to spend a week riding and bringing out your adventurous side, and this experience is made possible by the beauty of our environment and landscape. Many guests walk away from their stay here with a new appreciation for the outdoor lifestyle. As an Environmental Studies major who has spent time living in Wisconsin, Alaska, and Colorado, and of course northern Idaho, I can vouch that you will truly find Red Horse one of the most beautiful places in the west!