“At Red Horse your choice of activities are so broad and so much fun it is often hard to choose what to sign up for each day. Between yoga, massages, horseback riding, archery, fishing, kayaking, pontoon boating, ceramics, clay pigeon shooting, horseshoes, etc., etc., etc., or just relaxing with a good book or even simply napping any time you please, it is an all encompassing great time. The cabins are clean and spacious, the grounds immaculate, and the staff seem to feel they simply cannot do enough to please. The food is delicious – especially the baked goods – YUM – and they offer plenty of fresh greens, fruits, yogurts, etc., to satisfy those who are steadfast enough to watch their calories while ignoring the tempting dishes prepared by their chefs for the rest of us who are there to indulge! There is always something available to munch on regardless of the time of day and delightful wine or beer tastings paired with gourmet cheeses each night. The cowboy campfire was great fun with beautiful guitar music and cowboy poetry. Several of the staff members have their adorable dogs roaming the property and many of us fell in love with them and wanted to smuggle them home with us. The horseback riding is available for every experience level and any and all instruction or lessons are there for the asking. The trails through the forest are beautiful and the horses surefooted and strong. The serenity of the mountains and the lake are breathtaking. I loved the communal dining – it really helped to break the ice with other guests and before you knew it you were all new friends. Many of us were even there to witness a young man propose to his girlfriend on one of the uppermost horseback trails overlooking the ranch and valley, and another couple was there on their honeymoon. Regardless of the type of trip your are planning – family, couple, with friends, or even solo, there is no better place to choose than Red Horse Ranch. There is something for everyone.” ~ TripAdvisor