Why Red Horse is a DRA member

Red Horse Mountain Ranch embraced the mission of the Dude Ranchers’ Association shortly after its first years in operation to provide returning guests and new guests with a guarantee of quality, safety, professionalism, and responsibility.All members of the Dude Ranchers’ Association must maintain a high quality of accommodations and services in a clean, friendly, safe, professional manner. Members must practice open and honest marketing and advertising when interacting with potential clientele. Members must adhere to all regulations, and provide information to clientele, concerning the responsible and sustainable use of resources. Members and the Association will work in cooperation with Federal and State land agencies to ensure the preservation of resources and habitat. Members must work together in an ethical manner in an effort to promote professional growth within the dude ranching industry.

Meet the Dude Ranchers’ Association

When you book your vacation at a member ranch, you can be assured of genuine, western hospitality combined with the lodging industry’s latest standards.

The Dude Rancher’s Association is the governing body of the West’s Dude Ranch industry. Created in 1926, it provides an organized structure for members, in which they are able to exchange ideas and experiences in an effort to uphold the highest quality of services within the industry. The Association promotes the western ranch vacation, while continuing to build a strong working relationship with Federal and State land agencies in order to preserve and protect parks, forests and wildlife.

You will find that not all Dude Ranches are members of the DRA. There are a number of strict by-laws which must be followed in order to become (and remain) a member ranch. Approximately 70% of the ranches that apply meet the high standards of the association and go on to become members.Membership in the Association is not automatic. Dude ranches applying for membership go through a rigorous two year inspection and approval process. It includes an application fee, a detailed written application, references from former guests, an appearance before the board of directors and on-site inspections during operations. These inspections focus on safety, livestock management and hospitality industry standards for all aspects of the ranch.

Once accepted, ranches go through a year of probationary membership during which they undergo a second on-site inspection. Only after a satisfactory second inspection are they admitted to full membership. Once a full member, all ranches are accredited every five years.The Dude Ranchers’ Association has been preserving western ranch vacations by establishing and maintaining strict standards, while protecting the land and wildlife for over 80 years – We encourage you to “Ride the West with the Best!”

Discover the American wilderness that can only be seen by horseback. Discover the men and women who are the stewards of this land. These families open their homes to thousands of guests every year, committed to providing the best vacations possible. Dude ranching is much more than guest rooms and horses. It is a sharing, of the spirit of the West and the beauty of the wilderness.On a ranch, you’ll experience a world that is dictated by the seasons and cycles of life. It is a simple way of life that demands honesty, integrity, hard work and a strong spirit. Your appreciation of nature, family and friends will be renewed. You’ll find that good riding, good food and good friends will leave you peaceful and content. You’ll discover the luxuries of silence, the wind on your face and the stars shining brightly. More than just a day full of activities, the essence of a ranch vacation nourishes your heart and soul. It is unlike any vacation you have ever taken – one that you will return to time and again. It’s Horses, Hats Hospitality‚ and friends serving friends. We suggest you take a look at all of the DRA members in finding the perfect ranch for you and your family.