Summer vacation is something everyone looks forward to, especially kids! Whether horseback riding through the vistas, climbing the climbing wall, or practicing your aim at the shooting range, Idaho’s Red Horse Mountain Ranch has the vacation for you! Our all-inclusive dude ranch vacation activities are the perfect option for family trips. For those of you who’d like to explore the ranch on your own, without kids, you can! We offer a popular Kids Program (for children three-years-old and up) to guests with the all-inclusive vacation package.

Kids Horseback Riding Program

Every child in the Kids Program (or “KP” as we call it) will have their own horse for a week, just like mom and dad. Our professional staff will properly fit your children with saddles and helmets and the kids start the week learning tips and tricks for riding their horse safely.  Throughout the week, the children will progress their rides, starting from the valley floor to rolling hills to more inclined trails…the same trails our adults ride. A highlight of the KP Horseback Riding is riding to a meadow for lunch and games! Horseback riding will be an activity your child will love and cherish forever. Luckily, Red Horse Mountain Ranch offers family horseback riding lessons so you can share in the experience together.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch

The key to a successful family dude ranch vacation is finding activities everyone will enjoy. While horseback riding is one of our main attractions, children and parents alike can take part in other fun activities such as the climbing wall, ziplines, kayaking, archery, pottery barn and so much more! Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the perfect place to spend your summer family vacation when our Kids Program is in full swing.

To learn more about our Kids Program, email us at [email protected] or call us at 888-689-9680.