Lauren, our full-time pastry chef, spends an extensive amount of time at the ranch making sure our guests have the most delicious muffins, scones, desserts, and bread- all made from scratch! From 6 am until dinner, she is in the bakery of our kitchen making sure everything is perfect and fitting to the taste of our guests. One of the most appreciated aspects of our kitchen at Red Horse Mountain Ranch is that we cater to all food preferences, whether it is gluten or diary free, vegetarian, or individual allergies, Lauren can bake an exceptional dessert, bread, or whatever is needed! Our guests always appreciate the personal attention they gain if there is a need for particular dietary needs.

Lauren’s bread, desserts, and other baked goods are always a favorite! Delectable pastries and bread can only come from a passionate pastry chef, and as an all-inclusive dude ranch this is definitely a well-valued asset for us, and especially for our guests! We always recognize and value the thanks and compliments that our guests give when they stop by the kitchen after a favorite dessert, bread, or meal is tasted.

Check out some of Lauren’s personal answers on being a pastry chef at Red Horse:

What interested you in working at Red Horse Mountain Ranch? The variety of the menu and the opportunity to bake everything for each meal fresh and from scratch.

As a chef, what is your favorite food to cook? I typically stick to baking during the guest season, but sometimes I’ll make one of the courses for our wine dinner (in addition to the dessert course.) I really like to make pot roast. It makes the kitchen smell like my grandma’s house.

What is your favorite thing to bake at the ranch? I love to bake bread. My favorite bread is Ciabatta; the dough couldn’t be simpler‚ just flour, water, yeast, and salt, but the end result is unlike any other bread.

What is the most rewarding part about being a pastry chef at Red Horse? The most rewarding thing about being a pastry chef at Red Horse is knowing that my food is helping to bring families closer together and to create new friendships when they gather around the table for each meal.

Most difficult aspect? Dishes! Getting dried-on dough out of a mixing bowl takes a lot of elbow grease and a lot of precious time. Thank goodness for our kitchen assistants! Whether they’re washing dishes or helping to prep the next meal, the kitchen assistants make the chefs’ jobs and my job much easier.

More to come on Lauren’s chef skills and ranch food!