Dude ranches are an amazing place for a family to grow closer, especially when it comes to family reunions or a parent-child vacation, but sometimes this can be hard to organize as people lead busy lives! Family members can enjoy time here together even if a full-scale reunion isn’t possible. In today’s hectic world, people of all ages have jam-packed schedules of work, school, sports, and anything else that may get in the way of some peaceful relaxation in the outdoors with loved ones. Multi-generational vacations at Red Horse Mountain Ranch are a great way for family members to share some quality time together.

blog2Here at Red Horse it is a joy to see this, as many of our guests, new and returning, spend the week strengthening bonds, friendships, and relationships. This can be hard to do to in day-to day life, especially if your loved ones live a distance away. One of the greatest things about our ranch is that there is something great for all ages, so parents, grandparents, young adults, teenagers, and children always end the week not wanting to leave. It is a great place to take a grandchild, niece, or nephew, or for a father-son/mother-daughter trip (and vis versa of course). Anyways, it is quite possible that the word ‘bored’ has never been spoken on the ranch no matter the age group!

All meals are eaten family style in our rustic dining room, and this is one of the many wonderful aspects of a ranch that people take home with them, especially for those who may not have the chance to do this with their daily schedules. It seems as though sitting down for a meal as a family can be a rarity at times! Although it may seem simple, we value this part of a dude ranch a great deal (and the food!), as it creates such a common place for people to catch up with relatives or friends, and for our guests to become closer as well.

Thanks for reading! Here are a few reasons from TripAdvisor as to why people enjoyed their multi-generational vacations:

Littlecowboys“I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe our experience. My daughter (a teenager, mind you) still refers to this as her best vacation ever. Horseback riding, skeet shooting, mountain biking, and archery, topped off with fantastic food and amazing staff. From the time we got picked up at the airport, to the cook to each of the ranch hands, we were treated with respect, kindness and just the right amount of familiarity.”
Guest, 2012, LA

“We traveled with my in-laws and our three daughters. AGES 13, 10 & 7. Let me start off by saying we have been VERY blessed in our travels over the years. We have been EVERYWHERE from Hawaii-to Europe, The Caribbean to California, Beach vacations and Mountain trips. This was the ONLY place that entertained an entire family.”
Jim Breuer, guest 2012

“The best part of all these activities is that we participated together in more than half of them. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, we sat together every single day. Families become that much closer when they all sit down at mealtime. This is something we hardly ever do nowadays.”
– Former Governor of Puerto Rico, who spent the week here with his sons and teenage grandsons.