Summer Ranch Jobs at Red Horse Mountain

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work out on the range, Red Horse Mountain Ranch is hiring! Summer ranch jobs offer a rewarding experience that allows you to make long-lasting friendships while building your resume. These jobs are perfect for students looking for a fun way to make some money before heading back to school, vagabonds looking for their next adventure, or anyone who loves horses and the great outdoors. This all-inclusive dude ranch has an excellent reputation among vacationers thanks to an extensive list of guided adventures, rustic charm, western hospitality, and a family-friendly atmosphere. But what you may not know is that RHMR is also an excellent place to work!

Summer Ranch Jobs near Coeur d’Alene, ID and Spokane, WA

Part of what makes RHMR a viable prospect for your summer ranch job search is the wide variety of positions available. That means you don’t necessarily have to be an equine enthusiast to feel welcome! Teachers, chefs, custodial professionals, servers, bartenders, and other specialists all have something to offer and a lot to gain.

Dude Ranch Job Openings in Harrison, ID

The area surrounding RHMR offers a scenic reprieve from your typical workplace setting. From stunning landscapes to the fresh mountain air, guests love many remarkable features that play a pivotal role in making our summer ranch jobs an enriching experience. At RHMR, we believe that our space exists to “Reconnect People to the Important Things of a Life Well-Lived,” and our employees are no exception! Our remote dude ranch in Northern Idaho is a place where you can find tranquility, even while working!

What to Expect

People on horseback under the ranch entrance sign.Working at RHMR is so much more than a “horse ranch job.” The same commitment to excellence we have for guests we apply to our staff. And while most visitors only stay for a week, our summer ranch crew typically resides here for the entire season. There is an excellent chance that the new people you meet will remain in your life for years to come, and the experience is one you won’t soon forget. If you’re seeking summer employment that is much more than a job, RHMR could be the place for you. 

All positions start in early May during the initial training period. You’ll have a couple of weeks to learn the job while enjoying some time at the ranch before things go into full swing. We’ll start posting summer ranch jobs around November and will collect applications throughout winter with the plan to have positions solidified by March’s end.

Find Work at the Best Dude Ranch in Idaho

If you consider yourself a flexible, hardworking individual who loves being outside and is open to learning new things, then Red Horse Mountain Ranch could be a perfect fit! To learn more about the hiring process, perks, and how to apply, please visit our employment page and get to know us better. We look forward to hearing from you!