Things have sure been buzzing around the ranch lately…literally. The ranch has been overrun with bees, like so many other places this year. Horses and people have been falling victim to these little buggers left and right. Two days ago we had to turn our ride around to avoid a nest.

The other day I was saddling old faithful, Roscoe, and he started kicking out and stomping. Now with any other horse, I probably would have figured it was just having a bad day, but not old Roscoe. He’s one of the most well behaved horses on the ranch. Just then, I realized a wasp was repeatedly stinging him on his back leg! I helped get it off of him as quick as I could and scratched his ears to make him feel better.

One day I went downstairs in the lodge and saw two giant boxes. One box was stuffed full of yellow jacket traps. The other was cans of raid. I don’t know how much of those supplies we have gone through, but my guess is they are almost depleted. We have also gone through a great deal of sting relief pads to help sooth our fallen soldier’s bee stings. I have never seen bees as bad as this summer. Luckily, they are finally starting to slow down. I’m not sure if it’s the season or all of the bee traps, but the last few days I have noticed significantly less buzzing than usual. For how bad these creatures have been, I somehow managed to come out unscathed. Not a sting on me this summer! The secret is to stay calm and ignore them.

Speaking of bumble bees, miss Bumble Bee (the horse) is finally out of the injured pen! She had two infections followed by a bout of colic, which kept her out all season. This week Bumble Bee is finally signed out for a ride! I can tell she is happy to be back with the gang. She is always eager for us to catch her in the morning.

I don’t know if you guys have heard the buzz, but a few weeks ago, we had a camera crew out here doing some filming at the ranch. Debbe Dunning stopped by for a few days, with her fancy boots and perfect style, to film an episode for her TV show called Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Roundup. It was an interesting experience for all of us. I went up late Friday afternoon to set up the Challenge Course so they could get some shots up there. When Debbe and her crew came up, they decided to put a mic on me and film Debbe and I talking. I wasn’t really sure what to think about the whole ordeal. I mostly just remember them getting really close to me with the camera and Debbe saying to the two film guys, “Careful, don’t get her feet.” I slowly lowered my gaze to my dirty toes sticking out of my sandals. They looked like they do everyday. What’s wrong with dirty toes?

That’s all for today. Leave your bee stories in the comments below! Have no fear, Red Horse Mountain Ranch is beating the bees…I think! We are trying our best anyway!

Happy Trails,


(Kids Program Wrangler)