Even though the ranch is buried in snow and the horses look like furballs, there’s already a buzz beginning to build around the 2017 summer vacation season and a big part of the excitement stems from our first ever Single’s Week starting May 21st. A good group of solo travelers have already decided they’re coming but there’s some 400 plus folks waiting till the summer gets closer to finalize their reservations. Just as a reminder there are only 36 spots. We’ll try to fit as many of you as possible because this is going to be one of those weeks on the ranch to remember. We even created a group rate so bring your friends! In the Red Horse way, we have a few things up our sleeves to make sure the week is a blast for all. To get everyone ready, we wanted to throw out a few tips if you’ve never been to Red Horse Mountain Ranch for a dude ranch vacation.

Even though Old Man Winter hasn’t let loose yet, the excitement is building for our first Single’s Week to begin our 2017 Summer Season.

Tip 1: Finding a little peace and quiet with a Book. 

It’s not a bad idea to bring that book on the nightstand you’ve been trying to finish but you’ll have to purposefully make time to read it on this ranch. With early morning hikes and yoga, meal times, horseback rides and lessons, challenge courses, sporting clays, mountain bikes, and all the other adventures we have packing the week, you’re going to have to get serious about setting aside quiet time to read. Near the private cabins and lodge there are some perfect places to sit or soak while reading a book. It’ll be a hard decision to bow out for an afternoon but I’ll bet you’ll experience a little bit of peace Idaho has to offer. And if you don’t, our library is packed full of books to borrow.

Tip 2: What to pack for your ranch vacation.

This can get a little tricky with all the land and water adventures we have but you can never go wrong if you have a few key items. Before we give you the list, remember the ranch does have laundry service so we’ll be offering to do a load for you while on the ranch. You’ll need at least a couple pair of jeans for riding and the other activities on the ranch. Riding boots with slick soles too.  We’d also recommend shorts and water shoes for the kayaking, fishing trips, and mega zip line. Bring a good pair of hiking boots and something to wear while you’re kicking around the lodge and evening entertainment. May mornings and evenings are cool so a fleece or thin jacket is nice. We’d also recommend a lightweight shell jacket for any of the spring showers that come our way. Now, our Wine Dinner is a thing and most of the gals wear a long dress and men have been known to kick it up a notch as well. Just remember, jeans are the norm on the ranch – can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans and boots. Don’t forget to throw in a swimsuit for a dip in the pool or a soak in one of our many hot tubs around the cabins. Don’t forget the Cowboy Hat!

You can never go wrong with a good pair of Jeans and slick soled boots at the ranch. Don’t forget the Hat!

Tip 3: Leave your worries at the Gate.

By day 1 you’ll see that the staff and everyone else will be lifelong friends. This week is going to filled with laughter, smiles, and some well needed moments of peace. Once you arrive on the ranch you’ll realize your wallet, cell phone, and watch don’t need to make an appearance, or be used for that matter.

Wranglers catching horses in the morning

The staff of Red Horse Mountain Ranch will make sure you’re well taken care of. Leave your worries at the gate!

Tip 4: Take a lesson before you arrive.

Some of the most exhilarating adventures on the ranch are the advanced horseback rides which you’ll need to pass the advanced riding test to participate in these rides. Lessons are offered throughout the week for those interested, but we’ve heard from many guests that a lesson or two before visiting us has made a difference! Horseback riding tends to use muscles you never thought existed (your backside may be a bit sore- a hot tub can only do so much) and we definitely want you to be able to ride during the entire week. Some guests have commented on wearing a pair of bicycle shorts under their jeans to help with soreness. Either way, it’s not a bad idea to come prepared for some of the amazing opportunities the ranch has to offer.

Tip 5: Let everyone know it’ll be hard to catch you during the week.

Not only are you going to be pretty much busy all week long but you also don’t have a phone in your cabin and most of the cabins don’t have wifi either. Internet at the lodge is spotty since we’re on a satellite system and the ranch really doesn’t get cell service. If someone does need to get in touch with you, best way is to have them call the ranch office at (888) 689-9680 and have us take a message for you. Other than this, the occasional voice mail or text will find it’s way through the internet. It may take getting used to, but it’s best to just let everyone know you’re going to be tough to reach. Take it from us, the catch up is well worth it!

Tip 6: Headlamps are great.

During the evenings the pathways are lowly lit so our lights don’t interfere with the stars. If you’ve never seen the milky way in all its glory you’ll understand why we keep the lights low. It can be comforting to have your own light which leave you hands free. The LED headlamps you can get for $20-$30 are perfect or a small flashlight works too. You can use the light on your phone but remember you’ll be running around all day and it’s better to keep your battery up for all the photos you’ll most likely be taking.

Tip 7: Artist beware, this place is inspiring.

I’ve been on the ranch for 12 years and love to shoot photographs. I’m no expert but having your camera or supplies with you is a must. The 1oo horses, wildlife, beautiful valleys, wildflowers, creeks, mountains, all of it makes for an absolutely inspiring place to spend time.

Whether you’re coming to meet your next love or you just need to getaway from the daily grind, Single’s Week will be a perfect kick off to a great summer!

Tip 8: Call or email Andi.

Andi, who handles reservations at the ranch, can fill you in on any other details for the week you’re wondering about. She’s been around the ranch for many years and knows the ranch better than most. Dietary concerns, cabin questions, adventure questions, travel concerns; Andi is your gal! (888)689-9680

So there’s a few tips to help you prepare for the week in Idaho. I know we have a few of our returning folks coming during the week too. The excitement surrounding this week is something. I’m so happy we’ve decided to kick off our 2017 summer season with a Singles Week. I’m hoping it remains and becomes a part of our annual schedule at the ranch. It’ll be here before we all know it and we can’t wait to meet you!