ImageThere’s always a few things our past guests most likely remember about their stay with us. One is usually the name of the horse they rode for the week. Another is the old “Cowboy” at the campfire with his guitar and cowboy poetry. Tom Lamb is the epitome of western authenticity and we are so blessed to have him. The third is how amazing the meals are as well as the scones, delicious muffins, cookies, fresh breads, and desserts which are always available. It all happens behind the scenes and it is because of our kitchen manager and professional pastry chef, Lauren Hammons.

Lauren came to the ranch directly from Western Culinary School for a summer job back in 2007. Her talents and abilities were immediately welcomed by the guests and staff. I knew early on Lauren would become the centerpiece of our dining experience.  Within a short period, Lauren took over all dining operations. Her delectable pastries, artisan breads, and impressive desserts come from a passion and lucky for us and our guests, we get to enjoy the bounty of her works.

Arriving early morning and sometimes working until after dinner is served, she is in the kitchen making sure everything is perfect. It’s long days.  She takes care of ordering fresh produce, fish, beef, seafood, and all the groceries needed to feed 100 people on the ranch day in and day out. She takes it in stride. During the off season she’s building menus, researching new recipes, helping with other aspects of the ranch, and hiring next season’s crew. One of Lauren’s most appreciated skills is catering to all food preferences, whether it is gluten or dairy free, vegetarian, or individual allergies. She is a secret ingredient making Red Horse Mountain Ranch the perfect spot to spend a week in 2018.

Lauren’s award winning kitchen is at the heart of Red Horse Mountain Ranch. The wonderful meals she creates is the catalyst bringing staff, friends, and families close together while they share the memories of their day’s adventures. And I’m sure, Lauren would also want me to mention how important her kitchen crew is every season. The meals take a well seasoned team of 3 chefs, dishwashers, servers and bartenders. We have had the best summer staff. That said, for all the time, effort, and hard work Lauren puts in year around to make our kitchen run, we have to raise a toast to our favorite Chef!

Thank you, Lauren!