One of the first days I was on the ranch I met with the staff of the old Hidden Creek. I don’t remember everyone, but a few interviews feel like they were yesterday. Looking back we were all so young.  Matt Majoros, said his goal through the transition was, “ to make sure the previous owners would be taken care of no matter what it took. I’m here to make sure they are covered.” Sarge, or Phil Bailey, showed up and handed me a folder of his entire decorated military career. I remember him calling me “Sir” and being about the most polite, genuine person I’d ever met. Then came in Jim. He’d been at the ranch for about 10 years, spending his 20’s fixing up the place and keeping it running. I remember Jim being skeptical, but cordial. I could tell he wanted to see what was going to happen to this place he dearly loved.

Those first few years of Red Horse were tough. Looking back on it we had good intentions. But it wasn’t until about 2007 when you could really feel the pounding of hooves and we had found our trail. In what felt a blink of an eye, Red Horse was catapulted into the National Dude Ranchers’ Association and we kept adding more and more adventures to an already long list. Faces came and went. Blisters broke and huge projects happened. There were difficult days and some of the most amazing days of my life.

I remember a moment this last season when the fishing boat went down and the jet pump had lost a seal. I brought the boat to the shop and started working on it. Jim pulled up, asked if he could help, and I’d never turn that offer down. He never left my side until the boat was back in the water. This was no easy task and we were there some late nights.

Through all of it only a few constants were true. Jim was one of them. The effort, care, compassion, and quiet strength he’s given to Red Horse is without a doubt one of the most important factors as to why Red Horse Mountain Ranch is at the top of many lists. Tonight Jim celebrates a well deserved birthday and all of us at Red Horse, and Hidden Creek, tip our hats to an amazing individual. Happy Birthday, Jim. Thank you for taking good care of all us at the ranch.