Kids Program at the Ranch

The Kids Program is available during our summer all-inclusive Family Vacation Weeks. The program is designed for ages 3 to 10, but anyone is welcome to participate. At Red Horse Mountain Ranch our kid-friendly environment lets you see your children’s confidence bloom as they experience our wealth of exciting adventures. Imagine watching the joy in your child’s face as they soar 50 feet in the air on the flying squirrel, command a horse on scenic trail rides, and, with a little help from the guides, scramble 50 feet up the climbing wall and ring the bell at the top! Kids learn to kayak, shoot a bow and arrow, ride a horse, go for bike rides, and can even go plinking on the shooting range. We’ll keep them safe so you can relax, knowing they are in good hands with our wranglers. You are welcome to join in their fun or wander off to find your own adventures.

If you have any questions about our Kids Program, please don’t drop us an email to [email protected] or call us at (888) 689-9680. We’ve been entertaining children for over a decade and we can guarantee the yours will have a blast. New friends will be made, adventures abound and the kids will hit their pillow so hard at night they may snore. Be ready for the tears you’ll see on Saturday when the time comes to hit the road, but only until next year!

Kids Horseback Riding Program

Kids Trail Ride.  Each child in the program, 3 years old and up, will have their very own horse for the week. Kids start off their week learning the ropes and meeting their horses during a barn orientation. They’ll be fit to their saddles and taught how to control their horse. Every morning the Kids Program, or “KP” as we call it, enjoys a horseback ride that progresses through the week from the valley floor to rolling hills and more inclined trails. We even ride to a meadow where we have lunch and play games. The rides are geared towards the age group involved. The little buckaroos (ages 3-6) will enjoy horseback riding while being led by a wrangler for a little extra guidance.

Your child’s horse will be chosen for them based on the information you provided on the Activity Form, so the more information you provide the better. Parents and children over age 11 may join the Kids Trail Ride if space is available, but we do recommend giving the younger kids an opportunity on their first day of riding to experience the orientation on their own. Little cowboy and cowgirl boots are available to borrow, and we require each child to wear a riding helmet, which is also provided.

Kids Morning Arena Lessons (ages 3-6).  Our goal is to make horseback riding something each child loves and remembers. Part of this is the opportunity to feel the exhilaration of changing gaits, controlling their horse, and having the chance to bond. During their week at the ranch, the little buckaroos will learn all about their horse and step into the arena while being led by their wranglers.

Family Horseback Lessons (ages 7 and up).  These lessons are a perfect setting for the kids to learn more about riding while spending some quality time with the family. Your children will have the opportunity to see, feel, and grow in their confidence and horsemanship skills. These horseback lessons often include a short trail ride to put their newly learned skills to the test.

Horseback riding for Young Adults (ages 11-20).  All riding opportunities available to parents on the ranch are also available to children age 11 and older. This includes our scenic rides, horseback riding lessons, advanced riding, and all day rides. Please see or horseback riding page for complete details of our full riding program. See more…

Other Guided Kids Adventures on the Ranch

During the afternoons the Kids Program will have other fun adventures they’ll be doing like the challenge course and climbing wall, a zipline, kayaking, .22 rifle plinking, painting horses, and maybe a few other things we want to be kept secret.  What follows are just a few of the other adventures we have available for children…

Sporting Clays.  Sporting Clays are a 25 round course done with 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. This is typically an afternoon adult adventure. In the past some kids have been able to attend because they are older and can understanding the requirements for safe gun handling and manage the recoil of the shotgun. Most of these kids have had prior experience with a shotgun. It is possible for a child to be included in Sporting Clays if approved by the ranch manager, and parents of course. See more…

Mountain Biking.  Our double and single track mountain biking trails are an absolute thrill and not to be missed. The mountain bikes are sized to allow for 60 inch tall riders, so if your child meets this requirement and is up to the challenge, we will certainly include them in the fun. See more…

3D Archery Trail.  This one has always been an absolute favorite with the kids. Our recurve and kids compound bows begin with pull back weights around 15 pounds, so most kids 10 and up will have no trouble being able to launch their arrows at the 3D (and sometimes moving) archery targets. It’s a fantastic mile long trail with a number of stations along the way. There are certain days on the schedule we’ve set aside just for families to enjoy.  See more…

Kayaking.  Kayaking is one of the afternoon trips for the kids. If you decide to take your kids on a different day, they can still come along as long as they have an adult in the kayak with them. Kids Kayaking day is something they won’t want to miss and it’s been a real big hit with the kids. See more…

MegaZip!  This 1500 foot zipline lands in our pond right here on the ranch! It’s a great way to cool off at the end of the week in summertime. The cable for the zipline under typical conditions can accommodate guest weights from 50 pounds to 240 pounds. If you’re child meets this requirement they are good to go. See more…

Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes Bike Tour.  This adventure begins and ends in Harrison, Idaho and goes along Lake Coeur d’Alene. The trail is flat and paved. There is a hill to go down in the beginning and to ascend back up at the end, back to the bike shop. The bike shop rents bikes for kids, along with tandem bikes and trailer attachments. If you’re child can operate a brake and is comfortable on a bike, more than likely they will love this adventure. See more…

Common Questions:

Q: What if my children are 6 and 11? Does this mean that they will not be riding the first day together?

A:  We highly recommend giving your younger child the chance to meet their horse, our staff, and other kids their own age on the first day. However, you definitely know your kids better than we do, so if you feel it necessary for their older sibling to join them in the Kids Program, we absolutely will agree. Our goal is for them to feel comfortable from the first day.

Q: I have a child that would be included in your Kids Program but their riding experience is very good. Would they have to be in the Kids Program the entire time?

A:  Our Kids Horseback Riding Program is designed as an introduction to horses and trail riding. Occasionally a child has a higher riding skill level than most. Even if your child has been riding for a while, please understand this would be a new horse, new terrain, and maybe a completely different experience than they’re used to. Also, we’re just overly cautious when it comes to kids riding horses. Our suggestion is to be as thorough as you can when filling out their Activity Form. We would like to meet the your child, see them ride, and let them get a feel for the ranch prior to giving any unrealistic expectation. Some 8, 9 and 10 year olds can be included in the some of the adult scenic rides, depending on their skill levels and the terrain that day. If you have any questions about this policy, please give the ranch manager a call prior to making a reservation. Our goal is always for every child to have a learning and growth experience while at the ranch!

Vacationing with Children at Red Horse Mountain Ranch

The key to a great family dude ranch vacation is making sure there are plenty of things to do, and Red Horse Mountain Ranch is no exception. Although riding horses is front and center at Red Horse, the kids won’t miss out on plenty of other activities, and parents are more than welcome to join in with the Kids Program as they see fit. The KP wranglers will offer kayaking, challenge course and climbing wall, zipline, arts and crafts, pottery barn, .22 rifle plinking, and many other activities.

There are also plenty of other non-guided things for your child to do when they are not with the Kids Program. The library at the ranch is filled with books, games, puzzles, and other things to keep kids entertained during the evenings between meals and evening activities. The evening entertainment on the ranch is also designed children in mind, with s’mores, singing, music, races, scavenger hunts and other such things. Not only will they enjoy hanging out with the KP wranglers, but they always seem to make plenty of other friends their age.

Each little buckaroo at the ranch is scheduled with their own horse and saddle, just like mom and dad or their big brother or sister. In fact, RHMR is one of the few ranches that allows kids ages 3-6 to experience real horseback trail riding. The ranch will have a knowledgeable wrangler walking right alongside each horse and child as they venture on their daily horseback ride. After their orientation, where they learn about being around horses and have a trail ride on the valley floor, the kids have the opportunity every morning to head out on the trail.

Some afternoons during the week there are also family rides, where you can all ride as a family together. Knowing your child is well taken care of by the KP wranglers can give you and your family the opportunity to take on more challenging rides such as the scenic and advanced horseback riding.

The beauty of Red Horse Mountain Ranch is that the decision on what you’d like to do is completely up to you. The key to a great vacation is being together as a family, but also allowing each of you to experience what the ranch has to offer individually. Even a little mom and dad alone time is built into your perfect family dude ranch vacation!

Here’s a  few hints for you if you’re planning to have your vacation with a young one here at the ranch.  First, it’s very important to fill out as much information on your Activity Form as possible. As you know by now, kids can be finicky at mealtimes, but our chefs are more than happy to help, so please include their likes and dislikes, allergies, or any other dietary concerns.

Second, bring a swimsuit.  It’s typical for the kids to hit the swimming pool and hot tubs throughout the week. Lastly, along with cowboy boots, a pair of tennis shoes or other footwear that can get wet, is easily washed off, and dries quickly would be very handy. We do have kids boots here for you need to borrow, but our experience is the little ones get very attached to their fancy new footwear. We will need to have them back for others to borrow.

Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the perfect blend for families between the months of June through August each summer while the Kids Program is in full swing. Although making new friends from all over is pretty cool, the best part for the kids is, without a doubt, the chance to blossom and grow while they are here and to connect with family on a deeper level.

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