I have been chomping at the bit to get this out to everyone for quite sometime and I can’t be more happy.

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Rob Farmer to the position of Ranch Manager. As Ranch Manager, Rob will take on my responsibilities for the Ranch’s daily operations and oversee guest services, food and beverage operations, housekeeping, and activities. Some of you remember Rob and his wife Ashley first coming to the ranch many years ago. Time does fly, and it’s been almost 8 years since their first summer. The ranch is so excited to have him join us in a leadership role and help us move the ranch forward once again. Rob and I have been closely working together since November of last year in getting him ready to take over daily operations.

I first met Rob as a college grad looking for a summer job. I was actually trying to hire Ashley and as a condition of employment (she made it seem to be the case), she was adamant that I needed to hire Rob. I agreed without knowing too much about him. They both showed up as scheduled and not long after we met, I knew these two would be important to Red Horse for the future. Rob has put in years of care for the ranch and our guests. Rob and Ashley have a passion for Red Horse. They were married on the ranch a few years back and I’ll never forget both of them riding off on top of a new fly fishing raft & trailer as their big wedding gift. Needless to say, Red Horse is their home and we’re sure glad to have them. They are both excellent fly fishing guides. Rob knows what it takes to truly take care of people. He’s been someone I’ve leaned on for many years keeping the ranch running, along with a number of others. Rob also serves the local community as a volunteer EMT/fireman. He is grounded in family, fun, and doing things the right way.

The Farmer Family has recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lane, whom you all will be able to meet during this season. She just learned to roll over so it shouldn’t be long until she’s able to follow the footsteps of both parents and cast a fly. Ashley will be helping around the ranch as well when Baby Lane says it’s okay.

Rob and Ashley have hearts of gold, steady patience, a willingness to learn, and are a family I trust with the ranch. They have been positive influences on the ranch for some time now and I consider both dear friends. I’ll still work with Rob and focus on a long term strategy for the ranch and keeping focus on business ends. You’ll still see me around taking out the fishing trips, up at the challenge course, and around the ranch fitting in where I’m needed. For the last decade or so I’ve spent so much energy on the ranch and making Red Horse what it is, it’s about time my family and I have a summer together. Believe it or not, I’m planning a summer family vacation. Something I have not said for decades!

I know you’ll all love this summer at the ranch as much as I will. We have a few new things up our sleeves but mainly it’s going to be the same great ranch vacation we’ve all expected from Red Horse. Many of the great faces you remember will still be around and we’ve been lucky enough to have added some new faces you’ll love as well.

Please help me in welcoming Rob and his family ([email protected]) as the Ranch Manager with us. We can’t wait to show you how amazing this summer is going to be! Looking forward to seeing everyone! Cory

Rob and Ashely Farmer with baby
man holding a fish with young people in boat