We had a “blast” with the “Sweet 6” this week! Here they were enjoying having the range all to themselves. This summer, the sporting clays range is open almost every afternoon. For you shooters or those wanting to try shotgun sports for the first time, the Red Horse Mountain Ranch sporting clays range is a perfect setting for it during your ranch vacation.

Sporting Clays were developed in England as a method for preparing for the hunt, but today is a great past time in the U.S. and also can be a very competitive sport. Our range has a total of 5 stations, giving the shooter all kinds of possible targets that mimic what you’d see in the field. Action packed and exciting, it is a sure bet for an enjoyable outing.

You’ll be given instruction and will be participating in a safely controlled environment. Shooters will be provided with 20 or 12 gauge shotguns, in semi-auto, over and under, or pump configurations. Our Sporting Clay course has made good use of thick brush, steep terrain and other natural features to make the shooting both field like and realistic. Our Sporting Clays course will have everything to fit your needs, including shells, different shotguns, shooting glasses, ear protection, vests, pouches, and of course a guide and trapper. Eye and ear protection is a must!

Kids under 12 years old

The Ranch Manager, Rob Farmer, may provide instruction to children under the age of 12 provided that a parent and Rob first talk about what skills are needed beforehand. Our goal would be a simple introduction to shotgunning (along with particular safety importance) and to have a positive experience for the child. If you are interested, please contact Rob or your guide prior to setting up your activity.