3 Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners

Horses and people have coexisted for millennia. Historians can trace this relationship’s earliest records to a prehistoric cave in Germany dating over 30,000 years! Still, despite this age-old partnership, many people haven’t seen a horse in person, let alone ridden one. With that in mind, it’s understandable that horsemanship comes with many questions. You may not consider yourself an equine enthusiast, but that’s no reason not to hop on the saddle! At Red Horse Mountain Ranch, we’ll bring out your inner wrangler. But first, take a gander at these five horseback riding tips for beginners. 

How Did Horseback Riding Come to Be?

Before we get started, let’s talk a little about science and history. It didn’t take long for early humans to realize that horses are physically fit for transportation and labor. Their facial anatomy allows them to breathe efficiently, and their muscular legs let them carry heavy loads and move quickly. Although horses were once primarily working animals, they’ve since developed into compassionate and reliable companions. Now that you have some background information, we can get to the beginner’s horseback riding tips.

Two Types of Horseback Riding

The first item is more informational than instructional but essential nonetheless. The two primary styles of horseback riding are Western and English. These different schools of thought are distinguished by their various tack (horse equipment) and philosophies. At RHMR, we focus on Western-style riding developed by cowboys and ranchers in the “New World.” On the other hand, English-style riding is more about sport, using shorter stirrups and a lighter saddle making it easier for the horse to jump over obstacles. Both styles are rewarding, but Western is often considered better for beginners.

Dress Accordingly

Arguably the easiest horseback riding tip is ensuring you wear proper attire. On the surface, it seems apparent that you would want comfortable clothing, but horseback riding clothes are weather dependent. If you plan on going for a long ride, you’ll probably want to dress in layers as weather and temperature can vary significantly from morning to evening. Sunglasses, hats, and other accessories can go a long way when far from home. It’s also not a bad idea for beginners to wear a helmet.

Stay Alert and Energized

It might not seem like it right away, but posture and nutrition are important factors to pay attention to when you’re out riding. Having good posture will naturally make you feel more confident and help you remain stable while using your legs to stay balanced. You’ll need to react at any given moment, and your horse will be able to sense if you start to become anxious. Secondly, ensure that you drink enough water and eat nutritious foods. Horseback riding is a physical activity that can be more demanding than it seems.

An All-Inclusive Dude Ranch Resort in Idaho

Hilltop Home balcony.The three horseback riding tips above will undoubtedly give novice riders a solid foundation. One final tip: having an open mind and willingness to learn is vital for all beginners. Red Horse Mountain Ranch is delighted to provide an early experience for friends and families looking to try something new. We hope you’ll join us! To find out more or make reservations, please feel free to contact us online or call our main office at 888-689-9680.