Dude Ranch Adventures | Mountain Biking in Idaho

When you think about it, riding a bicycle is somewhat similar to horseback riding. Both help you build confidence, allow you to explore places you wouldn’t have access to in a car, and sometimes make you feel sore after a day on the trail. However, one nice perk of Idaho mountain biking is you’ll only need to fill your bike’s tires with air instead of feeding it copious amounts of hay! Joking aside, Red Horse Mountain Ranch outside of Harrison, Idaho, offers a different kind of ride than most dude ranches. From rolling singletrack through the forest canopy to technical downhill excursions, the mountain biking opportunities in our neck of the woods will impress even the most discerning outdoor enthusiasts.

Idaho Mountain Biking with Red Horse Mountain Ranch

With its rugged landscapes and picturesque vistas, it’s no surprise that mountain biking has become so popular at Red Horse over the years. Furthermore, the Idaho Panhandle National Forest boasts an impressive assortment of novice, intermediate, and advanced trail options. Whether you haven’t been biking since you were little or have continued to all these years, our guides will familiarize you with the trails. If you didn’t think to bring your ride, don’t worry! We have a fleet of mountain bikes that will surely fill the void. During the bike orientation, you’ll learn about shifting and braking, be given a well-fitted helmet, and test your skills on a low-speed practice course while getting a feel for the local terrain. 

Idaho Panhandle National Forest

Consisting of primarily singletrack trails, our section of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest offers gorgeous views of the Coeur d’Alene Mountains. After arriving by shuttle to the trailhead, you’ll find forested ridgelines, trickling creeks, and mountainous walls as you race past ageing tree stands and alpine meadows. Many challenging trails reside within our beloved National Forest, so these rides are best for athletic teenagers and adults.

The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes

For those seeking a less arduous option to the Idaho Panhandle National Forest ride, the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is a 73-mile paved trail that stretches from Mullan near Montana to Plummer, Idaho, near Washington. As one of the longest continuous paved bicycle corridors in the United States, you may want to place it on your bucket list! Our guided trips will begin in Harrison, Idaho, a mere 10 minutes from the ranch. This low-key adventure is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Coeur d’Alene River.

An Extraordinary Family Dude Ranch near Coeur d’Alene

If you’re looking for a dude ranch that offers more than horseback riding, then Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the ticket. Mountain biking in Idaho is something every outdoor enthusiast should experience, no matter their preferences. Our biking tours are just one of many reasons why you don’t have to be a seasoned wrangler to have fun in our slice of paradise in the West. From horseback riding to kayaking and everything in between, you’ll be right where you need to at Red Horse Mountain Ranch. For more details or to make reservations, please contact us online or call 888-689-9680.