Other Job Opportunities

Dude Ranchers’ Association Employment Page
Each year our 100+ member ranches hire many seasonal employees, and some year round employees, for such positions as wranglers, cooks, wait staff, housekeepers, maintenance workers, children’s counselors and office workers. Most seasonal employees are hired by the Southern ranches for the months of September through May and by the Northern ranches for the months of May through October. Many northern ranches have last minute openings during the months of May and June. Compensation varies from ranch to ranch and position to position but usually includes salary, room and board, a share of the seasonal tip pool and use of the facilities and horses when off duty. Frequently the ranches have more applicants than positions, especially for positions related to the horses. Jobs on dude ranches typically involve hard work and long hours as well as participation in evening guest activities such as line dances, hayrides and staff talent shows. Good people skills and an ability to live and work well with others are required. The more flexible you are in the type of position you would like, the more likely you are to be successful.

Coolworks “Ranch Jobs”
Wranglers are at the heart of Guest Ranch Jobs, but there’s so much more. You could be part of a guest service team which includes meal service, housekeeping, chuckwagon cookouts, children’s activities, gardening. You can’t beat the scenery of these beautiful spots where hiking, fishing and riding are right outside your bunkhouse or cabin.

Gene Kilgore’s DudeRanchJobs.com is the premier dude ranch job listing service. Renowned for exploring ranches around the world and bringing ranch vacations to millions of people worldwide, Kilgore founded Dude Ranch Jobs to help ranch job seekers find the right ranch to make their dreams come true.

A sampling of job positions you will find on our site include:

  • Ranch management
  • Wranglers
  • Chefs
  • Counselors for youth programs
  • Maintenance
  • Naturalists and guides

And while all of these ranch jobs require hard work and skill, employees are extremely lucky and thankful to be working in some of the most beautiful locations and with teams of exceptional folk.