Red Horse Mountain: The Best Dude Ranch for Kids

The last thing you want to hear on vacation is, “Mom, I’m bored.” That’s why when planning your family getaways, you need to choose a destination that’s filled with countless activities. Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the best dude ranch for kids for this very reason. Thanks to incredible on-site adventures, our all-inclusive ranch in Northern Idaho is a favorite destination for families looking to enjoy a memorable getaway without having to worry about keeping the kiddos busy.

3 Things to Do on a Family Dude Ranch Vacation

Our ranch near Lake Coeur d’Alene sits on over 500 stunning acres. With so much room, it’s no surprise there are endless adventures to enjoy with your kids. Here’s a glimpse of what fun is around the corner, especially for those in our Kids’ Program (KP)!

Horseback Riding

Kids aged 3 and up in the KP will have their own horse for the week. They’ll meet their new friends at the beginning of the week, where they’ll also be fit to saddles and taught how to control their trusty steeds. Each morning after will include rides that progress through the week.

Challenge Course

Let your kids push their mental and physical limits on the challenge course. Designed to teach people how to work as a team and build confidence, this course is excellent for all ages. While you can try this activity as a family, the KP offers up more elements to kids, which are not done with adults.

3D Archery

Arguably one of the favorite activities amongst our young ranchers is 3D Archery. Kids ages 10 and up will have little difficulty pulling back our recurve and kids’ compound bows that’ll send their arrows at the 3D targets. The mile-long trail features several stations along the course. We also have specific days marked off for families to enjoy the course together.

Reserve Your Unforgettable Family Escape

A dude ranch kid takes aim at the archery range.Learn more about the Kids’ Program, offered during our summer all-inclusive Family Vacation Weeks, by emailing [email protected] or calling 888-689-9680. At Red Horse Mountain Ranch, we strive to be the best dude ranch for all ages, including kids. As part of our all-inclusive getaways, you’ll have everything you need for the best vacation possible. This includes cozy accommodations, delicious meals, and numerous adventures. Visit us online to book your stay with us today!