Cathy Woods, long time trail rider and yoga teacher, created this program to help horse riders explore the parallels of yoga and horsemanship.

  • Yogini
  • National Yoga Teacher
  • Life Skills Retreat Leader
  • Creator of Body, Mind, Equine™

Cathy’s book on the subject will be published by Trafalgar Square Books in spring of 2020. Cathy has had many published articles and has been featured in: Equitrekking, Western Horse & Gun, Yoga Digest, Horse and

Through Body, Mind, Equine™, Cathy combines her passions of — horses, yoga and travel — into a fun and unforgettable learning experience that will enrich your life on many levels!

“Horses and yoga??? YES!! I recently had the opportunity to participate in Cathy Woods Equestrian Yoga Retreat. Since I neither ride or do yoga, my concerns were immediately put to rest! Cathy expertly and patiently worked with our group, taking into account the level of each individual participant. The weekend was perfectly planned and Cathy is an exceptional leader. It was magnificent and the experience enlightening! I highly recommend a weekend retreat with Cathy! It will change your life!”

Dianna G, Sarasota, FL

“The Yoga of Horsemanship workshop was a truly enjoyable and enlightening experience. Bridging the concepts of yoga with the wisdom and spirituality of the horse enables self-discovery and awareness. You don’t have to be an expert at either discipline to be able to take away new concepts and core benefits from this program. Both my husband and I truly enjoyed and learned from this experience.”

Mary Connaughty-Sullivan, Avid Trail Rider

“Cathy Woods horse/yoga . . . is, rather than a riding lesson, a communications lesson of your body and mind to your horse’s body and mind. We all know, or should know, that you cannot control your horse till you can control your own body and mind-spirit on your horse. This program targets the body to body awareness and encourages the relaxation of your mind and spirit . . . the horse knows if you are fearful, tense, upset etc. and we must learn to master our own mind spirit and body in order to reassure the horse, an animal of prey, that all is well. And physically to control our bodies to direct the horse in the movements and direction we want him to take. This type of “lesson” is valuable to riders of all levels and disciplines, everyone is capable to participate and, by the way it is FUN! Come enjoy!”

Cindy Hughes, Dressage Rider, Owner/artist of Horse Lady Gifts
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Body, Mind, Equine™

Join us beginning August 23, 2020 for an unforgettable, one of a kind experience with Cowgirl/Yogini, Cathy Woods!

The Yoga Of Horsemanship

What do you get when you combine a Yogini, horses and a world class ranch? You get a: Renewing, fun, relaxing, empowering, awareness journey through yoga and horses.

You may think yoga is just a form of stretches done on a mat, but it is much more. It is an awareness practice. Yoga means ‘to Yoke Body, Mind, and Spirit’. If guests at a dude ranch can take lessons from the yoga mat to the saddle, they can take lessons from yoga into every aspect of their lives.

Body, Mind, Equine™ yoga retreat is not about doing yoga postures on the back of a horse, though a few stretches are done in the saddle. The program is about how to use yoga and yogic principles to improve horsemanship from ground to saddle and become a more aware, conscious rider. Many of the skills can be applied to daily life, such as body and breathing awareness, creating a balanced life, and learning to be in the present moment, to name a few.

You’ll greet the day with morning, guided meditation, gentle yoga class, including good stretches for riders. Time is spent on the mat, in the arena doing ground and saddle exercises with horses, and of course trail rides! Participants go home relaxed, renewed, empowered and with new yoga, horse and life-skills.

All levels of yogis and riders are welcome – including beginners. The program is designed for anyone, regardless of horse riding and yoga experience. Cathy works with you from where you are and at your own pace.

The retreat is a wonderful option for a girlfriends getaway, mother-daughter vacation, couples retreat, or solo adventure.

To find our more about Cathy and Body, Mind, Equine™, visit her website  You can also find Cathy on Facebook and Instagram.

Note: Cathy Woods does not claim to be a horse trainer or riding instructor; her goal is to assist students in becoming more aware, conscious riders and how to apply yoga to horsemanship and life in general.

3 day Body, Mind, Equine™ Yoga Retreat Package

  • August 23-26, 2020
  • $1295 per person, all inclusive.
  • Lodging, food, drinks and all activities included.
  • Check in Sunday afternoon, checkout Wednesday at noon.

6 day Body, Mind, Equine™ Yoga Retreat plus Stay and Play Package

  • August 23-29, 2020
  • $2295 per person, all inclusive.
  • Lodging, food, drinks and all activities included.
  • 3 days of the yoga retreat and 3 days of the continued Red Horse Mountain Ranch experience.
  • Check in Sunday afternoon, checkout Saturday morning.

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