Here are some typical questions and answers to help you decide if Red Horse Mountain Ranch fits the ranch vacation you’re looking for. You can also get more information from our FAQ page, or just hop on the phone and give the ranch a ring at (888) 689-9680.

#1. Is there a place we can do some laundry? 

Better yet, a laundry service is provided. We’d much rather you spent your time with your family or out on an adventure! During your laundry day, it will be picked up at your cabin and delivered back to your cabin by the end of the day.

#2. What percentage of your guests bring kids? 

During the summer season (Memorial Weekend through Labor Day Weekend), you can expect to have between 10-15 kids on the ranch ranging from 3-11 years of age. Earlier in June we don’t have as many children because many of the school districts are still in session. As the ranch enters the fall, we’ll have no children on the ranch since school is back in session and also because of our adult weeks (such as the Girl’s Getaway or Wine Tasting Weeks). Throughout our years in operation, many of the kids from all over the world still remain in contact with each other. It’s also been fun for us to see the kids grow up through the years! Our Kid’s Program coincides with the summer months.

#3. How old must children be for horseback riding?

Our horseback riding programs begin at age 3. Kids will be scheduled with their own horse and saddle for the entire week and will have the chance to ride some of the trails offered around the ranch which are applicable to their skill levels. Children ages 3-6 will have a wrangler walk along with them and their horse. Kids also have the chance for instruction during their horseback riding and can book a horseback lesson if their parents choose. Kids ages 3 -13 are required to wear approved horseback riding helmets which are available at the ranch, along with slick soled boots. The ranch does have a few pair of kids boots should you need to borrow some for the week.

#4. How much of the day is spent on horseback?

Horseback riding is available during the morning and afternoon, each ride being approximately 2-2 1/2 hours in length. The all day ride departs after breakfast and returns in the late afternoon. Depending on your choice of activities, you could spend most of the day in the saddle, or not; the choice is yours. The wranglers will make sure you are comfortable and properly equipped before you get on your horse. If you need a few pointers, don’t hesitate to ask your wrangler for a little help. Please remember that your safety and the horses’ safety are always kept in mind. We have a variety of riding trails, all of which leave the valley floor and climb into the surrounding mountains. Enjoy riding through pastures, along wide trails, on open hillsides, and through narrow, wooded paths.

The Advanced Horseback Ride is a combination of walking, trotting, and cantering and is offered a number of times throughout the week. This horseback ride is absolutely exhilarating and, as always,your safety is most important. Even an accomplished rider will tell you that every horse is different and it takes a little time for you to meet. We make sure you and your horse are ready to kick it up a notch before heading out on the trail. All riders wishing to do the Advanced Ride, regardless of riding experience, will be tested by our wranglers prior. Talk with your experienced wranglers to see if you could use a few pointers to advance your trail riding experience.The Advanced Rides are only available in the mornings since typical afternoon heat during the summer is too warm for the horses to do advanced riding.

#5. What instruction is available for beginners? 

We have beginning riders each week and everyone is given a horse orientation on their first full day. This prepares you for your riding experiences during the week and gives you a chance to meet your horse. Beginner riders are welcome to ask questions and get helpful tips from the wranglers throughout the week. Lessons can also be arranged in the afternoon; just speak to your wrangler and they’ll make the necessary arrangements with the barn. Beginning riders have always felt welcomed at the ranch.

#6. Do you offer supervised childcare for younger kids?

Yes. Childcare can be arranged. We do ask for a little notice prior to your arrival that you may be wanting us to arrange childcare. This is only so that we can make the necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

#7. Is there a minimum length of stay?

Yes. As a member of the Dude Ranchers’ Association we hold to a three night minimum during the months of June, July, & August. A minimum of two nights is required during the months of September and October.

#8. Are meals included?

Yes. Three meals per day and snacks, beverages, juices, cereals, and milk are always available.

#9. Besides riding, what else is there to do?

Here’s where we’ll have to point you back to the website because the list is pretty long. Horseback riding is certainly a big part of the ranch guided adventures but there’s enough on the ranch to keep everyone going for the entire week. Mountain Biking, Sporting Clays, Archery, Challenge Course, a zip line, hiking, fly fishing, fishing trips, whitewater rafting, boat tours, bike tours, and the list goes on! Red Horse is well know for its diversity of guided adventures!

#10. What is the best way to get to the ranch? 

Most of our guests come from other regions and countries so most are flying into the Spokane International Airport (GEG) which is located about 1.5 hour drive from the ranch. With kids, bags, etc., count on a total of 2 hours. Most, if not all guests, take the shuttle service to the ranch since a rental car is not necessary through the week. If your ranch stay is part of a larger vacation, then a rental car may make sense. Booking the shuttle is very easy, just jump onto the ranch website and fill out the shuttle form. We’ll do the rest.

The ranch office is staffed throughout the week from 8 am to 4:30 PST, Monday through Saturday. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a ring at (888) 689-9680 or send us your questions to [email protected]

Hope this helps! Ask you questions here and we’ll try to answer them! Or, you can email us at [email protected]