31 ladies. 85 horses. 7 Days.The entire ranch all to themselves.

2011 Girls’ Getaway week is going to be our best ladies week to date. Moms and daughters and friends catching up from all over the United States;West Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, Idaho, Georgia, and Illinois are all represented among the gals scheduled to arrive. Most likely, awhole new group of friends will be made during our week long stay at the ranch. We’ve put together the perfect week, with a few surprises to boot.

Everyone will be arriving on Sunday, September 25th and our first wine tasting of two regional favorites will begin the week. After our candlelight dinner, we’ll be meeting up with the herd of horses, taking a tour of the ranch, and relaxing near the campfire.The Rocky Mountain elk herd will also be in full rut this week and we’ll most likely have the chance to hear the elk bugling on the ranch early in the morning or late in the evening. Ladies should expect to bring a good jacket for the evening entertainments by the campfire.

Our first full day on the ranch will begin with our Morning Yoga or a tailored fitness hike prior to breakfast. After breakfast, we’re all headed to the barn for our orientation and scenic horseback ride across a ridge overlooking the ranch. The rest of the week will be filled with numerous adventures, advanced horseback riding, horseback lessons, and our full day horseback ride to a nearby peak overlooking Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Canada. Everyone arriving alsohas an included massage from our resident massage therapist which can be scheduled on their arrival. We’ll be capping off the week with cowboy campfires, a lunch horseback ride to a nearby meadow, and a special candlelight dinner on Friday evening prepared as our final celebration to a memorable week on the ranch. The chefs will be showing off this evening so it should be a dinner to remember!

A few other suggested items to bring include a little flashlight, plenty of jeans, slick soled cowboy boots, and a pair of tennis shoes. Some ladies wear flip flops around the lodge during the evening or other comfortable shoes. Some might decide to get a little gussied up for the big Friday night celebration dinner but you sure don’t have to; jeans and cowboy boots typically top the list. We’re planning to be able to do a few kayak trips during the week so bring something that you’re able to get wet in. Remember that laundry service is provided so you’re able to pack light if needed.

The ranch is very excited about this season’s upcoming Girls’ Getaway.It’ll be a full week of great conversations, boot stompin’ evening entertainment, side-splitting laughs, and gracious hospitality. Here are some other helpful hints to make this a perfect week.

Hint #1.Be prepared to ride.From advanced to beginner horseback riders, our week is going to be filled with lots of riding. After our orientation ride on Monday, there are advanced, scenic, and all-day rides scheduled throughout the week. You’ll also able to take advantage of learning from some of the wranglers by taking a lesson. One of our past guests suggests bringing a pair of bicycle shorts to go under your jeans to save your bum. If you don’t have boots, we do have boots you can wear but slick soles are a must. You should also make sure to have a few pairs of jeans, a pair of shorts, or something you can get wet in for the kayaking trips, boat tours, and bike rides. Some ladies bring a pair of leather gloves with them to ride with. We recommend this highly. A pair of tennis shoes or running shoes are also very handy.

Hint #2. It’s Idaho weather.We have a saying in Idaho during the fall. If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes. This is about the week every year where the trees begin to change color and its absolutely breathtaking. Plan on evenings being chilly, a good fleece jacket will no doubt be very useful. Rain is possible but don’t worry about that stopping the horseback riding. The barn has a number of full length slickers to fit you.

Hint #3. Dinners and meals.Our chefs are going to make it very difficult to shed pounds while you’ll be here. Daily baked breads, fresh salads and fruits, homemade desserts, and more. Some decide to get a little dressed up during our 7 Course dinner. Don’t have to though, a pair of jeans and boots are regular attire on the ranch. This will be an exciting and fun evening! For those ladies that have food likes or dislikes (and the likes are just as important), don’t forget to fill out your activity forms and tell us. Gluten free, vegetarians, etc are all welcomed!

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