A big thanks to our guests that took the time to go online and share their experience!

# 1: Our Horses of Course! Our healthy herd of horses are one of the main reasons people love this ranch. Experienced dude ranch goers and lifelong horse owners continue to be impressed with the caliber of our horses. Each week, we specifically match the horses to each individual rider, from the advanced riders to three-year olds!

# 2: Staff A close run for number one, our wonderful staff is one of the biggest reasons guests, both new and returning, visit Red Horse Mountain Ranch. Connections are made between our staff and guests that turn into friendships that last beyond their vacation.

What a talented, kind, and thoughtful crew. Every single person, from wranglers, to housekeepers, to kitchen crew, were always on the lookout for ways to make your stay special

# 3: Diversified Activities You don’t have to be all about the riding to enjoy your time here! With all of the activities we offer, you don’t have to get on a horse to have a blast, which is why families always have an amazing time regardless of different interests!

I come from a family of three girls, 22, 24, 26, and my mother and father. We have been to seven different dude ranches and RHMR was BY FAR the best family vacation we have ever had together.

# 4: THE FOOD! Red Horse Mountain Ranch food is one of the top reasons people truly love this place. We offer options for all tastes, and our kitchen staff and servers will cater to any specific dietary needs.

# 5: Great for All Ages Red Horse Mountain Ranch definitely offers a wide array of activities, but it is also an amazingly beautiful place, and some prefer to just relax with a cup of hot coffee and a book on our lodge porch that overlooks the valley. In the summer months, our Kids Program provides amazing fun and attention to children 11 and under, they always make friends and have a blast!

We have been EVERYWHERE from Hawaii-to Europe, The Caribbean to California, Beach vacations and Mountain trips. This was the ONLY place that entertained an entire family

# 6: Return Visits One of the staff’s favorite things about working at Red Horse Mountain Ranch is seeing familiar faces return summer after summer. We have to give a shout out to our returning guests who have discovered this awesome place that keeps them coming back for more!

We just returned from our third trip to Red Horse Mountain and each year it gets better. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. The staff treats you like royalty”

# 7: The Beauty of Northern Idaho Beautiful lakes, wildlife, and the Coeur d’ alene National Forest make the location of Red Horse Mountain Ranch the perfect place for a dude ranch vacation. The staff appreciates the beauty of this place, and it’s always fun to see the awe on our guests’ faces when they come here!

Red Horse Mountain Ranch, nestled in the most beautiful section of Idaho, with it’s well maintained western style cabins and grounds, is not just a destination for a western dude ranch vacation. It’s an experience.

# 8: Ladies Week! Ladies week is a blast! Enough said!khh

My friends and I attended “Women’s Week”. We met so many wonderful women whom I admire and respect. The strength that is felt from all these wonderful women encourages you to step out of your box and try new things

# 9: Summer Camp for Adults Red Horse Mountain Ranch provides the perfect getaway and is a true vacation, away from cell phones, the sound of highways, and hectic city life. It truly is a unique experience and allows adults to relax and have fun!

# 10: Lives up to Expectations Rated among the top dude ranches in the country, we work hard to please our guests and live up to the expectations people have when they arrive, and we have fun doing it!

We’d read all the reviews here. Our expectations were exceeded hugely. What. A. Place.