Looking for something to do on your way to Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch? The scenic city of Coeur D’ Alene has a lot to offer, and if you are heading to Red Horse, it’s right on your way! So if you have time to do some exploring en route to the ranch, and are up for a beautiful leisure hike, check out Tubbs Hill. Located on the peninsula adjacent to the Coeur d’Alene Resort, Tubbs Hill Nature Park is referred to as an ‘urban wilderness’, as this natural setting has been preserved despite its close location to downtown CDA.

At Tubbs Hill Nature Park there are 135 acres that support a number of trails that can give you a taste of Idaho wilderness in just an hour or two. You can even opt for a short 20-30 walk and experience the beauty of Tubbs. Meander on these trails through a majestic green forest, immense rock outcroppings and caves, and even make your way down to the water where there are several beaches where you can go for a swim or simply enjoy the view of Lake Coeur D’Alene. It is also a popular place for locals to jump off the rocks and cool off on a hot summer day, and you may want to join! Tubbs Hill is also known for its diverse plant life, particularly gorgeous wildflowers, and there is excellent bird watching as well. Over the past century, there have been attempts to buy the land for commercial development, but thanks to the passion of those who thought it should be preserved, we can still enjoy it as a natural wonder today.

Tubbs Hill, 1890, North Idaho Museum
Tubbs Hill, 1890, North Idaho Museum

If you have more than a couple hours, don’t worry, because the historic main street in CDA and a 16.5 acre beach and city park are right next to the peninsula. Sherman Avenue, the central street, has an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and unique shops to venture into! The Coeur D’ Alene Beach and City Park are right next door, a popular place for travelers and locals alike, and a great place to spend the day in the sun with your family to enjoy the beauty of northern Idaho.


Thanks for reading about Tubbs Hill Nature Park, you can check out the historic details at www.tubbshill.org, we hope you get to visit this great place on your way to Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch!