If you aren’t familiar with northern Idaho, or if you haven’t yet had the chance to visit Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch, then you might not know about the amazing wildlife up here. Red Horse is surrounded by the Coeur d’ Alene National Forest. One of three forests that comprise the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, the CDA National Forest is 726, 362 acres, and we are lucky enough to be located here!

Near Harrison, Idaho, we get the chance to see an abundance of animals, and it’s always fun when our guests get the opportunity to see them too! One of the top reasons why people love this place is the beauty of the landscape, and a beautiful landscape is full of important flora and fauna that make Red Horse Mountain Ranch a unique destination. Moose, who prefer a habitat of mixed forests with open wetlands, lakes, and marshes, find the area around our ranch a perfect place to make a home. Whether it is a crisp early morning or twilight, either is the best time to go moose watching, especially in the summer.

Another amazing aspect of the wildlife of up here are the birds. Red Horse Mountain Ranch is surrounded by several lakes that provide an excellent setting for bird watching, particularly the magnificent Osprey, otherwise known as the seahawk. The Osprey is extremely unique in that they almost solely feed on live fish, and have the ability to dive at high speeds into the water. You can often see them perched up on a tree or pole with a recent catch! Our kayaking and Coeur d’alene bike trip are adventures that provide the perfect venue for observing this magnificent bird of prey. Among the Osprey, you can also get a chance to see Heron, Cranes, Sandpipers, Hawks, and Bald Eagles: and many others!

We can’t forget about the bears! The bear is an animal that many people are excited to see when they come to Red Horse Mountain Ranch for a family vacation. In the summer and early fall, black bears can be spotted at the ranch with their cubs. Our 2012 season was a great one for bear watching, as a mother with three cubs was spotted several times! It is possible to be relaxing on our lodge porch during cocktail hour, looking out onto the valley and the corral, and spot a black bear making its way across the valley. For those who have already had the chance to see a bear, it is just as exciting for them as the first timers! Deer, elk, coyotes, and bobcats are also among the wildlife that can be spotted here. Come check out the wilderness that we get to share with our guests!