What do you expect from a dude ranch vacation? Family ranch vacations are definitely about the riding and taking a unique trip beyond the typical beach or cruise vacation, but Red Horse offers much more than riding! Here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch our Challenge Course and Mega Zip offer an amazing experience that people inquiring about ranch destinations might not expect from a dude ranch, and these activities often end up being the favorites of the week for many!

The Mega Zip, which was a new addition for our 2012 season, has been a huge hit! Everyone always has a blast down at the fishing pond on Mega Zip day. Even for guests who have experienced a zip-line before, most have not had the chance to end it with an exhilarating water landing! For those who decide not to participate, it is just as fun to hang out and watch the kids, family members, and friends descend down a 1,100 ft zip-line, dropping a total of 100 feet. The weight range for our Mega Zip ranges a minimum of 60 lb and max of 240 lb.

People are always amazed and feel truly fulfilled when they try out something new at our adventurous Mega Zip and Challenge Course. That’s why for many it turns out to be more than just another ranch activity. Families with members of all ages get to see each other push the envelope and experience our Challenge Course options, such as our 63-foot rock wall or jumping to catch a trapeze from a 30-foot platform! Not only do family members, couples, and friends get to encourage each other, but friendships made between guests often become stronger as well.

It is also extremely rewarding for our staff members to help guests push their boundaries! Our staff members are nationally certified through the Association of Challenge Course Technology, and go through training before each season. In addition to being challenge course certified, our staff, from wranglers to housekeepers, go through a rigorous weeklong course with instructors from the National Outdoor Leadership Program (NOLS). At the end of the course, Red Horse Mountain staff members receive an Advanced Wilderness First Responder Certification. This makes our staff exceptionally well prepared and knowledgeable when it comes to safety, and it also builds teamwork that they can pass on to our guests at challenge course!

For more details on these activities, check out the Adventures link on our website. More info on the NOLS course can be found at www.nols.edu