Climbing Wall & Challenge Course

The challenge course is unlike any other experience you will have while on vacation at Red Horse Mountain Ranch. We take great pride in having our staff and course nationally certified. These elements range from ground to high elements like our 300 foot zip line. There truly is something for everyone, and we practice what we call “challenge by choice.” This means that you choose to participate in only the elements that you feel comfortable doing.

The course is designed to challenge you and your group mentally and physically with each element progressing in difficulty. The challenge course is a fantastic way for all ages to build confidence, work as a team, and achieve new heights never imagined. Your challenge course facilitators will accompany you at the course; each is trained and professionally certified to provide a fun and safe climbing environment.

Before you get started, you will receive a safety orientation and get properly fitted with a helmet and harness. We start on the ground with stretching and work as a group with creative problem solving games. As your team moves on and is oriented, you may try your hand at any of our high challenges, ranging from the 63 foot climbing wall, to leaping from a platform 30 feet in the air in an attempt to catch a trapeze, aided by your team, balance, and inner strength.

As with most of our adventures, all of the climbing and challenge course equipment will be provided. There is no need to bring your own climbing harness or ropes, however if you would like to bring your own chalk bags or climbing shoes, please do so. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable athletic type clothing and sneakers, you may also want to include sunglasses, hats, and sun screen.

The Kids’ Program will also venture to the challenge course each week, giving the children more elements which are not done with adults. Parents may want to take the opportunity to see their children during this time and arrangements can be made for you to join the kids. The Challenge Course is a must do during your vacation!