Kayaking Tours

After the sun has warmed up the fresh water in our surrounding lakes, there is no better place to spend an afternoon than in a kayak! Kayaking allows you to move swiftly through the nearby lake and river systems in your own craft or with a partner. Our ocean kayaks are wide platform, difficult to overturn and cut easily through the water, a great combination for paddlers of all levels, including children. If you’d rather go for a swim, though, feel free to dive on in! Our guides will help you get back in the saddle.

Thompson Lake is part of the Coeur d’Alene Chain Lakes system. It’s a shallow lake located approximately 3 miles from the ranch, rich with birds and other wildlife, and also has a good population of bass, panfish, and pike. Because the lake is shallow, sunlight is capable of reaching 99% of the bottom, which in turn, creates an energy rich environment, supportive of native and introduced wildlife.

The tours provide a relaxing and tranquil experience for you to enjoy. Your kayak cuts through the water easily, gliding you along in the sun, while you watch osprey, waterfowl, beavers, deer, bald eagles, an occasional moose, and other animals in their natural habitat.