Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays were developed in England as a method for preparing for the hunt. Targets representing various game animals were utilized to hone the hunters’ skills. In the 1980s, sporting clays came to the United States. Considered by some to be “golf with a shotgun,” sporting clays has quickly become one of the top participation sports in the country. Action packed and exciting, it is a sure bet for an enjoyable outing.

You’ll be given instruction and will be participating in a safely controlled environment. Shooters will be provided with the opportunity to have a lot of fun, to learn some things about shooting, and be challenged. There are 5 stations, each providing their own unique targets. The routine is much like golf; shooters will be starting in small groups, which move from station to station. Our Sporting Clay course has made good use of thick brush, steep terrain and other natural features to make the shooting both difficult and realistic. Our Sporting Clays course will have everything to fit your needs, including shells, different shotguns, shooting glasses, ear protection, vests, pouches, and of course a guide and trapper.

The ranch may provide instruction to children under the age of 12 provided that a parent talks with the guides about their skill level about what strengths are needed beforehand. Our goal would be a simple introduction to shotgunning (along with particular safety importance) and to have a positive experience for the child. Most importantly, shooting a shotgun too early can be detrimental to later gun control skills. If you are interested, please contact Rob or your guide prior to setting up your activity.

This activity meets on the porch of the lodge. Guests are shuttled to our 5 stand sporting clays range . Our clay range consists of five different stations, simulating the movements of different water fowl and even a rabbit. No matter your skill level, we have a great time and even throw in a little friendly competition, for those who feel up to it. We’ll start out by going over gun safety and how to handle the firearm properly.

We’ll also go over the commands that we use at our course, which may vary slightly from commands you have used elsewhere. We do have eye and ear protection for everyone going out to the range, however, you can use your own polycarbonate sunglasses in place of our safety glasses. Sunscreen and hat recommend. Guests participating in Sporting Clays need to be able to hold the weight of a shot gun on their own and handle the recoil safely.