A Look Ahead: 3 Reasons to Book Dude Ranch Vacations Now

Guided horseback riding adventures at Red Horse Mountain Ranch in Harrison, Idaho, are done for the year, but we’re already looking ahead and planning for next season and recommend you do the same. Dude ranch vacations are a bucket list item for many equine enthusiasts, so there is a good chance you won’t be the only one hoping to traverse through the picturesque scenery and diverse terrain offered by Northern Idaho. Early booking is the most direct path to ensuring you get your preferred lodging option and dates you want. Furthermore, it makes planning and budgeting easier. We want our guests to make the most of their dude ranch vacations, and early booking is the first step in doing so. To offer a bit of motivation, we came up with three simple reasons to make your reservations well in advance. 

Bonus Reason: Ranch Vacation Packages

One of the exclusive perks guests can take advantage of when booking their dude ranch vacations is a cost-effective special offer. What’s more, RHMR has a bevy of programs, adventures, and vacation packages that provide much more than guided horseback riding. From singles and solos week to family vacations, there’s excitement for everyone out on the range! Without further delay, here are three more reasons you should book your dude ranch vacation sooner than later.

Preferred Dates and Availability

While many have earned the privilege to request time off from work at a moment’s notice, not everyone can do so. In many cases, employers require workers to make their plans known weeks or sometimes months ahead. Knowing when you’ll be gone and requesting the appropriate time frame can go a long way in communicating. Reserving dates at least six months in advance may seem unnecessary, but you’ll be happy you did while mapping your itinerary. 


Occasionally the most prominent factors to consider for dude ranch vacations are surprisingly forgotten. It’s not complicated to understand that you’ll need money to cover your deposit and finalize your reservation. However, an unfortunate number of people have had to drastically alter their plans because they hadn’t thought about covering the deposit. Early booking streamlines the planning process and keeps you mindful of how much money you spend leading up to your trip.

Flights and Car Rental

Unless you live in Northern Idaho, a great deal of your budgeting and planning will revolve around transportation. Depending on where you reside, there is a chance you’ll be taking a flight to the Gem State or somewhere nearby. Either way, being sure to book the correct flights and reserving a rental car if need be is crucial. 

Guided Horseback Riding in Idaho

A dude ranch vacation is something every equine enthusiast should experience, and Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the perfect place to do it! With all-inclusive packages, seemingly endless adventure, and unforgettable connections, there’s no reason not to get planning by making your reservation now. For more information, or to book your stay, please visit us online or call 888-689-9680.