All Inclusive Family Reunion Resort Ranch

What All-Inclusive is supposed to be

An All Inclusive Family Reunion at Red Horse Mountain Ranch Includes:

In 2016, Red Horse Mountain Ranch released a new ranch program for large family reunion vacations. There is no doubt Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the ideal spot for large families. To help families plan for this, the ranch introduced the family reunion packages. It’s an opportunity for a large family to take the entire ranch for a week where their vacation can truly be the best family reunion vacation they’ve had.

If you’ve found this information, you’re either tasked with finding the next spot or you’re the one who gets to handle all the details. We’ve been down that road a few times ourselves. Worried about someone not enjoying themselves? How about a family member that has a serious food allergy? A special need in the family? Don’t want anyone to feel left out or bored? Lucky, we built our ranch to handle these same things.

Here’s the skinny. The ranch can accommodate up to 65 comfortably. If your group is larger than this, comfort depends on how many young children are in your family. We’ll suggest how to best accommodate your group. That’s it. From here we take care of everything. (you’re sitting back shaking your head; they don’t know about this or that or this. We’ve been to this rodeo a few times). We can almost guarantee every member of your family will have something at the ranch they will absolutely fall in love with. Honestly, once you finalize the family units and decide our cabins work for you, we can take it from there. Transportation, special days like birthdays or anniversaries, everyone’s guided adventures, and all the fine tune details that make for the single best family reunion you’ll ever have. But again, don’t take our word. Check the reviews.


Private rustic luxury accommodations in authentic log cabins, designed for singles to families of 8. Laundry service, coffee makers, refrigerators, hot chocolates and teas, 24 hour healthy snacks, pillow topped beds and extra pillows, hypo allergenic down comforters, lotions, shampoos, conditions, hair dryers, air conditioning and heaters are provided.


Breakfasts made to order. Fresh fruits, cereals, 100% juices, milk, morning baked goods are available. Lunches are served buffet with a salad bar, hot dishes, fresh breads, soups, hand carved lunch meats, fruits, and fresh cookies. Dinners are served family style, buffet, and served in a multi-course dinner format. Salads, prime cuts, free range chicken, fresh vegetables, and homemade desserts. Special dietary needs can be taken care of prior to your stay by filling out our Activity Form.

Guided Adventures

A menu of Horseback riding (kids, family, scenic , all day, and advanced rides), sporting clays, archery course, fishing trips, mountain biking, bike tours, kayaking trips, challenge course and climbing wall, and hikes are available each day of your trip. Guests can choose what they would like to do each day. Your own horse and saddle for the week, ages 3 and up.

Cocktail Hour & Bar

The Bar is usually open around 4 – 10 pm each day. Each day between 5 & 6 pm, a cocktail hour is scheduled which includes a selection of house wines, beer on tap, and a selection of hard liquor. The cocktail hour is complimentary. After the cocktail hour, only premium wines have a charge. The main lodge bar will be available at lunch, but if you will be taking advantage of any afternoon guided adventures, we ask that you keep it to 1 beverage during lunch.

Evening Entertainment

Beginning directly after dinner, you are more than welcome to join us for a little fun. And there’s always self-guided adventures, games, hot tubs, swimming pool, and of course, quiet places to rest from the day’s adventures.

Laundry Services

Laundry services are available while you are staying at the ranch. The housekeeping staff will pick up your laundry in the morning while you are on your guided adventure and return your laundry during the afternoon, folded for you. Each cabin and suite will have at least two days when laundry can be done, usually during the beginning of the week and at the end of the week.

All Inclusive Family Reunion Facts

    • Sunday to Saturday, 6 Night, 5 Day stays are available during the months of June through August.
    • Capacity is approximately 60 guests per week. We can do 65, but we’re getting a bit tight.
    • Guided Adventures for ages 3 and up.
    • Arrival and shuttle service available from the Spokane Airport, 1.5 hour drive.
    • All inclusive packages covers meals, drinks, guided adventures, accommodations, evening entertainment.
    • “No Hassle Package” where all family activities are coordinated by the ranch. There is always something for everyone.
    • Dining for the entire family together.
    • No equipment needed. The ranch has everything.

Something for Everyone…and Everything for Moms

If you’re looking for the perfect family reunion destination, you’re done riding through the tangled internet. Everyone wants to do something a bit different? Not everyone wants to ride horses all the time? You want a family reunion with healthy foods for dietary concerns, some place where even the kids like the food? Got it all covered.

It’s about time someone built a vacation so Mom can get a little break too. We do the laundry. In other words, a vacation is not when Mom should be handling a pair of dirty jeans. Moms have early morning fitness hikes or yoga programs prior to the family waking. There are massages available throughout the week where they can disappear and be pampered. Our horses are amazing and fit all riding experiences. If fast is what Mom is after, we have that. If Mom wants to relax and take in beauty of Idaho, plenty of that as well. Special dinners, so beautifully decorated – they’ll get that too. Time alone, time with a loved one, time with the kids, it’s really all here. Family members with food allergies are never an issue. Special diets or medical needs we can do that too.

But don’t take our word for it. We highly recommend checking the reviews and getting the nitty gritty to make sure Red Horse Mountain Ranch is the right vacation spot for your next family reunion. If you come, you’ll be re-connected with your family and have one of the few remaining treasured Idaho dude ranches at your fingertips!


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