Red Horse Mountain Idaho Vacations: A Perfect Family Retreat

So often, family trips end up being segmented or staggered, mostly based on the destination and who is traveling. But what if you went somewhere that had something for everyone, no matter what their age? Activities catering to multiple generations play a considerable role in making Red Horse Mountain Ranch an inviting spot for an Idaho vacation. Whether our guests are three or 93, our all-inclusive dude ranch has a dynamic array of guided outings and attractions that are perfect for any family retreat. Nestled within the rolling hills and sprawling mountain meadows of Northern Idaho, RHMR is an outdoor enthusiast dream destination that lends itself to creating new traditions. 

Something for Everyone on Your Idaho Vacation

It’s safe to say that togetherness is the cornerstone of any successful family retreat. However, gathering everyone for group activities can sometimes be arduous. Not all your family members have the same interests, so rather than foster boredom and resentment, why not allow your family to explore the recreational activities that are best for them? Fortunately, RHMR has a myriad of on-site activities to choose from mountain biking to sporting clays — and of course, horseback riding! 

Kids Program

RHMR is one of the only ranches that allow 3 to 6-year-olds to giddy up on the trail. Each young buck will have a trusty wrangler by their side as they direct their newly appointed steed. Conveniently available in the summer, the kids’ program is geared toward children ages 3-10, but everyone is encouraged to participate, and it’s relatively common for grandparents to join in the fun! Watch your child’s confidence skyrocket as they take on a new experience and gleefully share it with you, after bonding with their siblings, cousins, or new best friends. For children under 3, there is a nanny rate offered for families wishing to bring a child care guest. In addition to horse riding, there are many other activities such as kayaking, zip-lining, and arts and crafts.

A Multi-Generational Retreat to Red Horse Mountain Ranch

A family sits upon their steeds for a picture to commemorate their Idaho vacation.In 2015, RHMR won an excellence award for ‘Best Ranch For All Age Ranges.’ We are happy to say that the dedication and mindset that brought us there remains today. Family retreats to RHMR are spectacular because of the varied assortment of activities for big kids, little kids, adults, and elders. Watch on as the kids try something new or get to work on your bucket list. Either way, it’s fun for the whole family! Please call us at 888-689-9680 or visit us online to book the ultimate Idaho vacation.