I read somewhere that you should give yourself at least 30 minutes after waking before you look at your cell phone or electronic device, and that you should not use your cell phone, computer, or watch T.V. for at least one hour before you go to bed. The article said that looking at your devices first thing in the morning leads your mind to be more distracted throughout the day. And doing it again right before bed interferes with healthy sleep. It’s no wonder many of us feel so disconnected, yet so over-connected at the same time! If only there was a place that could help us reconnect to what matters most. What would that place look like?

Perhaps it would look like a beautiful, quiet valley ranch surrounded by protective mountains, peaceful rivers, and fish-filled lakes. A place that calls our souls to rest and our spirits to renew. A place where social media takes a back seat to the social experience; where Facebook is replaced by face to face; and where “twitter” is the sound you hear from song birds outside your cabin window. A space where the air you breathe is laced with evergreens, wildflowers, and amazing food; where time eases by without force and experiences awaken that forgotten place of pure joy deep within our hearts. Red Horse Mountain Ranch could be that place, the one we all long for.

If you want to reconnect with family or unplug from the drudgery of the daily grind, consider a stay at the magical Red Horse Mountain Ranch. Gain a new point of view from the back of a horse on a mountain trail. Let your spirit soar as you zip-line from the mountain into the pond. Be lulled into a peaceful state as you paddle your kayak across the lake while osprey dance on the breeze above you. Life is short so maybe it’s time to experience it and not just live it. Perhaps it’s time to take a break from the fast pace, instant gratification, everything delivered to your door existence and step into a slow paced rejuvenating place of wonder. We look forward to seeing you here!

Char Blood Unger