‘Body, Mind, Equine’ is a unique yoga trip and a great way to spend a long weekend. It’s led by its creator, Cathy Woods, a long-time yoga teacher, equine enthusiast, trail rider, and author of Yoga for Riders. As a retreat leader, Cathy creates a supportive environment for participants to experience a journey of awareness, growth, fun, and adventure. This three-night yoga trip includes morning guided meditations, gentle yoga classes (with good stretches for riders), a workshop about the connection of yoga and horsemanship, arena time with ranch horses, and of course, trail rides.

What is Horse Yoga?

Our yoga retreat is not about doing yoga on a horse; it’s about the similarities between yoga and horseback riding. Yoga and horsemanship require the same essential skills: breathing, body and energy appreciation, power, equity, and flexibility. ‘Body, Mind, Equine’ instructs you how to become a more aware and mindful equestrian through the use of yoga fundamentals. You’ll be surprised by how much you improve your horsemanship from the ground up to the saddle. Though, a few exercises are done on the saddle to illustrate moving from center, mounted breathing instruction, and the like. 

Who Can Attend the Yoga Retreat?

All experience levels with yoga and horseback riding are welcome to take this yoga trip. All Red Horse Mountain Ranch guests, from rookies to masters, will gain guidance from “where they are.” This can be a wonderful solo vacation, friends’ getaway, or couples’ retreat. 

Body, Mind, Equine

At the opening, guests may believe they are just coming to do yoga and ride horses, but the benefits go far beyond original assumptions. Through yoga practice, we can learn about ourselves more profoundly. The yoga portion serves guests the chance to observe the inner workings of the mind and keenly tap into your own spirit, and watch as it evolves. The same effect can also be learned through horsemanship. In spending this integrated time, we become more aware of the energies projected by other people, horses, and nature. 

Through yoga, we can recognize and move past hindrances in our lives and the things that may be holding us back, such as anxiety, low self-esteem, or power/control issues. We are encouraged to confront and accept these blocks without judging ourselves. This grants us to live in a more mindful and confident way. You’ll take home new skills to use on the yoga mat, in horsemanship, and everyday life. Combining these two modalities— yoga and horsemanship—is doubly robust. 

Shifts Happen at our Yoga Retreat

“One of my favorite things about leading retreats is seeing the guests’ palpable transformation from when they arrive to when they leave,” said Cathy Woods, yoga retreat’s instructor. “Time away in a new setting, being in nature, heart connecting, and unplugging have transformative and lasting effects. In the end, the participants embody a softer, lighter glow. They return home in a much better place—physically, mentally, and emotionally rested.” 

Benefits of Horse Yoga

One of horse yoga’s many benefits is the newly formed connection with horse’s powerful spirit. Time spent around horses forms something magical within us. They allow us to see deep and surface layers inside of ourselves. A horse finds appreciation in every step into the immediate moment; we can learn the value of living in the moment from them. 

Red Horse Mountain Ranch

Come join us at this year’s yoga retreat! If you are hoping for a fun, quality family ranch vacation, this is the one for you. The yoga trip boasts a little bit of everything. To learn more about yoga trip’s instructor, Cathy Woods, visit her website. And remember to book your spot for the next yoga retreat at Red Horse Mountain Ranch. Talk to our friendly staff for assistance on reserving your cabin by calling 888-689-9680. Happy Trails & Namaste!