Family vacations are an event that children and adults look forward to. But let’s face it, traveling with children can be a challenge. To ensure you and your family have the best holiday travel experience possible, our team here at Red Horse Mountain Ranch put together a list of tips and tricks on how to travel with kids.

Easy Entertainment

Long flights aren’t enjoyable for anyone, especially young children. The last thing you want is your child having a temper tantrum in tight quarters. Avoid their boredom with a simple life hack: giving them small presents. Before your flight, check out the Dollar Tree or the Dollar Spot at Target and purchase about ten small items they can have on the plane. Individually wrap all of the goodies in wrapping paper; be sure to use a lot of tape. (The wrapping paper lengthens the process; and let’s face it, every second counts when you’re flying with kids!) Then, label each gift 1, 2, 3…, etc. Each step of the way, your child gets to open a present! 

Activity Books

Another great tip for flying with kids is packing activity books. These days, there is an activity book for all types of children: sticker books, crossword puzzle books, coloring books, friendship bracelet books, you name it! Any form of activity book will keep their hands and minds occupied for the entire flight. 

Pet Waste Bags

Don’t knock this tip until you’ve tried it! Pet waste bags, the holy grail of portable garbage bags. There’s nothing worse than desperately needing to dispose of your child’s dirty diaper, messy snack wrappers, soiled clothes, or even loose toy pieces. Pet waste bags are an affordable, convenient place to tuck things away on demand. You’ll thank us later!

Extra T-Shirt

While overpacking is never ideal, we do recommend packing an extra T-shirt in your carry-on bag. This may come in handy if anyone in your family is in desperate need of a change of clothes. You never know when your little one will spill their Fun Dip on their shirt, or when mom spills her glass of wine during some turbulence. 

Disinfecting Wipes

During family travel, it’s always smart to bring disinfecting wipes. We’re in the heart of the flu season, and nobody wants a fever for Christmas! Avoid the flu and other germs by wiping down seats, airplane tray tables, and every button your child will touch. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer!

Frozen Snacks

Once you finally arrive in Idaho, you’ll likely schedule some excursions, such as hiking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, and more. These often make for long days away from the ranch, so we suggest you freeze some juice boxes to bring with you. This way, they’ll last throughout the day. However, don’t panic if you can’t make room for snacks. Our staff happily prepares packed lunches, snacks, and squeeze bottles, to fill with assorted beverages, that you can take with you during your activities. 

Small Lollipops

While lollipops are known for being delicious and mess-free, they’re also great for airplane rides. Lollipops help children pop their ears during take-off and landing. You rarely hear a child cry when they’re eating candy!

Medical Supplies

When traveling with children, you can never be too prepared. In case your child gets sick on vacation, you’ll want to have a thermometer, liquid children’s Advil, children’s Tylenol… and perhaps some Benadryl for yourself… uh, we mean the kids.

Now that you’ve learned helpful tips and tricks about traveling with children, it’s time to plan some Idaho family vacations! Harrison, Idaho, is an exciting destination to visit all year round. So no matter what time of the year you’re visiting, we’re sure you’ll want to come again soon! To learn more about our family-friendly all-inclusive dude ranch vacations, visit our website, or talk to the Red Horse Mountain Ranch staff by calling 888-689-9680. Happy travels!