Unique Family Dude Ranch Vacation Activities at RHMR

Less than 90 minutes from Spokane, Washington, and about an hour from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Red Horse Mountain Ranch offers an all-inclusive-family dude ranch vacation experience that few other destinations can match. Boasting a comprehensive compilation of unique on-site activities, RHMR is an excellent choice for equine and outdoor enthusiasts alike. And with over 500 private acres and access to another 300,000 acres of public or outfitted land, you and your family will find ample opportunities to bond amid nature’s bounty.

5 Unique Dude Ranch Activities for Your Family Vacation

Exciting endeavors can bring families closer together. Whether it’s a kayaking tour, a 3D archery challenge, or one of many Kids Program pursuits, our programs are designed to build confidence and satiate curiosity for adults and children. Imagine seeing the smiles on your family’s faces as they tackle an obstacle course or overcome a fear of heights on the zipline! Here are some phenomenal dude ranch adventures that you may not find anywhere else and are sure to create an unforgettable family vacation!

  • The Kids Program is incredibly unique in that there are several options. You and your youngsters can enjoy horseback riding, pottery, and guided adventures like .22 rifle plinking, mountain biking, and more!
  • Our MegaZip is a ride you won’t soon forget! Take a short hike along a path to the platform before a quick breath, and await the excitement as your guide securely straps you into the zipline. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination—but here’s a hint, you’ll want to have a swimsuit!
  • The challenge course and climbing wall offer a diverse assortment of obstacles you can take on at your own pace and discretion. The challenges will become more difficult as you advance, leading to progressive confidence building and teamwork.
  • Sporting clays are the closest you’ll get to sport shooting at RHMR. The good news is, you don’t have to be an elite crack shot. The safely controlled environment provided by our staff ensures shooters of all skill levels will enjoy this enriching experience.
  • Our 3D archery may be one of our most creative and competitive activities to date. Our guides will bring you through a forested archery course consisting of several life-sized 3D targets at various distances. You and your crew will use Genesis compound bows as you test your accuracy and precision.

An All-Inclusive Idaho Guest Ranch Resort

Lodge entrance exterior.Top-tier western hospitality, rustic yet well-appointed accommodations, and mouthwatering meals are just a few examples of what makes RHMR a premier family dude ranch destination. Our all-inclusive vacation packages and programs make planning your vacation as easy as pie. From retreats and reunions to singles and solo weeks, there’s something for everyone in our neck of the woods. With full-service week-long packages available from May through October, up to 60 guests can find out exactly what we have to offer. To learn more or book your reservation, call us at 888-689-9680 or reach out online today.