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Sneaking away for an overnight stay at a nearby hotel gives a couple just enough time to realize they need a vacation. We see it time and time again…around day 2 on the ranch the outside world and daily grind seem to slough off a person . It takes time to put your worries aside and focus on what’s truly important. Daily life is filled with hectic schedules, constant phone reminders, and never ending work loads. It’s hard for couples to find time together and even harder to find things you both love to do. And ladies we know it’s not easy weeding through the tangled web of places to pick a getaway; sometimes a little nudge in the right direction is helpful. Red Horse Mountain Ranch near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho has one thing few places have which makes the stay here an automatic win for a couples getaway. We have horses.

We’re lucky on the ranch in that technology hasn’t completely been able to find it’s way over the mountain. Cell phones just don’t work very well. Occasionally a text message will somehow make it’s way to your phone, but don’t count on it. It’s best to let your work know you’ll be unreachable except for any emergencies. Set that email reply message before you head into the ranch. And men, your significant other will appreciate you picking the one place where you can completely focus on her. We may be missing technology, but we aren’t missing some of the finer things in life. She won’t believe the desserts, homemade fresh breads, artisan salads, and wonderful meals created by our three chefs. The cozy and comfortable cabins will be welcomed after a full day of outdoor adventures. Early morning fitness hiking, yoga classes, and the massage therapist are all available depending on her desires.

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A week stay at ranch is definitely an active vacation and you’ll both have opportunities to grow and try something new together. Sitting on its beach has it’s place and time, but the exhilaration of loping on a horse through a weave of mountain trails has a far different appeal. Being shuttled to a nearby peak and coming down a single track trail on a mountain bike is a blast, especially for first timers. Evening walks on the ranch, hanging out in the hot tub under a blanket of stars, a very special dinner event, and a spectacular week of outdoor adventure are some of the many things available while at the ranch. It’s these simple western experiences that make for great memories. It may very well spark an interest both of you can do together in the future.

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Take advantage of our pre-season rates ending May 1st for the fall Adult Weeks on the ranch. You’ll most likely meet couples and other adults in the same situations, feeling the same pressures of living. Before falling for the Groupon vacation package for you and your significant other; check out the ranch. Call and speak to our staff. There is a reason folks come back year after year! You can count on the ranch making your stay exactly what you want it to be. Check out the available weeks remaining on our website at

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